6 Unexpected Uses For Vicks

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I'm sure we have all used Vicks Vapor Rub when we are sick. My mom used to rub in on my chest. It seems to always make me feel better. I do the same with my kiddos. That soothing scent is unforgettable. But other than clearing up congestion,it has many other uses. Here's a list of 6 unexpected ways to use Vicks.

Repel Bugs– Mosquitos ate the smell of Vicks. Rub some on your pulse points and behind your ears. It's a great way to naturally keep them away.

Help Relieve Headaches– The next time you have a stress if sinus headache find a quiet place to relax and rub some Vicks on your temples and under your nose. Practice some deep breathing and that headaches should start going away.

Get Rid of Dry Heels– After a long dry winter most feet are in need of some deep moisture. Generously rub the vapor rub on to dry heals before going to bed. Cover with socks and in the morning your feet will be smoother.

Improve Your Problem Cellulite Areas– While nothing can make cellulite disappear, rubbing Vicks on problem areas can help temporarily reduce the sight of cellulite. This is great for beauty pageants!

Stop from Gagging on Horrible Smells– This is a tip is one that a lot of nurses use. If you are in a smelly situation rub some Vicks under your nose. The strong smell of the vapor rub will help cover that foul odor.

Stop Pet Accidents– If you are training a new puppy this tip can help you out! If the pet is going in the same area put some Vicks in that area. The pet will hate the smell and it will mask the previous scent.

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