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25 Things to put in Easter Eggs….besides CANDY!!

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Here's a great list of ideas of things to put inside Easter Eggs besides candy. I always feel like my kids get an overhaul of candy around each holiday. I'm excited about this list and all the candy alternatives!

1. Stickers!- Kids love stickers plus they are really inexpensive. Check your local Dollar store for some. Then just cut them apart to fit in the eggs.

2. Sticky Hands– I loved these so much when I was a kid!

3. Erasers

4. Balloons

5. Mini Glow Sticks– These are fun to give as a prize or use them for a glow in the dark egg hunt!

6. Temporary tattoos- I always see them at the Dollar store

7. Rings

8. Toy cars

9. Fake Bugs

10.Finger Puppets

11. Bracelets

12. Stick-On Earrings

13. Marbles

14. Bouncy Balls

15. Finger Lights

16. Whistles

17. Mini Dinosaurs

18. Stamps

19. Slap bracelets– These were the coolest things EVER!!! I had to have 1 …20!!

20. Jewels/Gold Coins/Treasure

21. Bubbles!

22. Play-Doh

23. Lip Gloss

24. Silly Putty

25……MONEY!! This is my children's favorite!


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