DIY Spring Necklace

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I love this necklace! Seriously. I haven't stopped wearing it since I made it. I've even made one for my mom, mother-in-law and grandmas for Mother's day. It's so simple and easy to make. I bought all the supplies in one stop at  Walmart!


Wire Cutters and Needle nose pliers

24 gage wire

Beads or Pearls



Jump Rings



I purchased all of these items at my local Walmart. They were very inexpensive and you should have enough to make a few necklaces!

First gather supplies and make sure you have everything you need. Make sure that the beads or “eggs” that you chose have a big enough hole to fit on the wire.

Put 3 beads on the wire and crimp the end so they will not fall off.

Start wrapping the wire around the back of the beads. This will form the bottom of the nest.

Once you have a good base, start wrapping around the sides of the beads. This will be the sides of the nest. Wrap it around as many times as needed until it gets to how you like it.

At this point you will need to cut the wire. Give yourself at least 8 inches; you’d rather have some left over than be too short! To make the nest more secure, take the wire and go through the  bottom of the nest and up around the side. Repeat that 3 times. Then move over one third the way around the nest and do it again between each egg. When you are finished clip the wire and crimp the end. Work the end into the nest so it doesn’t poke you.

Open a jump ring by placing it on the outside of the pliers and gently pushing them open. Slip the jump ring through some of the wire in the nest. This will connect the nest to the chain. Squeeze the the jump ring closed with the pliers.

Place the nest pendant on the chain. The chain I bought from Walmart is white. I thought it was different and a little unexpected. I didn’t want the pendant to slide on the chain so I opened the jump ring and slipped it through a link in the middle of the chain.

You can leave it plain or add charms. I put charms around the nest. It added a little sparkle and elegance.

To finish all you need to do is add a clasp to the chain. On one end you only need is a jump ring. For the other end open a jump ring and put the last link and a clasp in it. Close the jump ring. is part of the  Walmart Mom program and I was compensated for my time in creating this post.As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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