DIY Under the Sink Curtain! Hide the clutter the cute way!

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Ever since we got our new bathroom sinks built I've been trying to figure out a way to organize the open space. But since I can't put anything permanent, like shelving ,because there needs to be access to the plumbing. Finally I decided that if I can't get it organize, I need to at least cover it!

(Don't judge me! I'm so embarrassed to show my clutter! LOL)

All you need is:

A tension rod

Fabric (at least a yard but measure your space to make sure)

Glue Gun

First I found a scrap of fabric that matched my bathroom colors. I wanted fabric that was a little thicker so it would hang well. Next I got a tension rod. I found it in the window treatment aisle. It cost me less than $5. I was planning on sewing it but me and my sewing machine aren't on speaking terms right now! So I used my trusty glue gun!

Measure the area that the curtain will cover. Remember you need to add a few inches to the length because you are going to be folding the fabric over to make a sleeve for the rod to go into.

Start gluing the sides and bottom first. fold over about 1/4 of an inch. The purpose of this is so that the fabric won't fray and you will have a more finished looking curtain. REMEMBER that you need to glue it to the back of the fabric, this way the front will be facing out and you won't see the gluing.

Once you do both sides and the bottom it's time to make a sleeve at the top. Make sure that the opening is big enough for the rod to fit through. I used about 4 inches, folded it over and glued it just like the other sides.

That's it! An Easy DIY! Put it on the rod and then put the rod in place.

It will be our secret that there's clutter lurking behind that cute curtain!



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  1. Thank you for this DIY 🙂 I have desided to put my cats litter box under the sink and hide it this will work out great…..

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