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Homemade Mummy Mason Jars for Halloween!

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Dress up your home, office desk or classroom with these super fun Mummy Jars!

Mummy Jars

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Homemade Mummy Mason Jars for Halloween!

We love these super cute Mummy Jars. They are really quick to make, and you may even have everything already in the house!

These Mummy Jars start with a regular or wide mouth Mason Jar. I always have a few of these in the cabinet, for storage or various craft projects that come to mind. This simple craft project does look better if you have a few Mason Jars in various sizes, to give some variation to your mummies!

Purposing and Decorating with your Jars:

These Mummy Jars can have several uses and be purposed more than one way, which is one thing I love about DIY projects. Honestly if I can get some good use out of a project, I'll be more likely to try it out!

The first thing I thought of was filling these up with candy and giving to a teacher or friend. It makes a fun appreciation gift that won't cost a lot, and they can reuse it later on if they choose to. Our teachers have always loved things they can display in the classroom! It would also make a fun hostess gift, — or if you have plastic Mason Jars– a party favor! Just fill with candy or small non-candy items. I would definitely use the plastic jar option for kids.

If you're making these just to decorate your own home for Halloween, you can add a small, LED tea light to each Mason Jar to light them up. These make fun and spooky decorations for the mantle or in the window, and can add some atmosphere if you're having a Halloween get-together.

You will need to gather a few supplies for this project if you don't already have them in a craft drawer. Medical Gauze Wrap was the only thing I didn't already have on hand.

  • Googly eyes
  • Medical gauze wrap- find at Walmart or drug store.
  • Mod Podge
  • Mason jars – we always recycle old jars or just find them at thrift stores, but if you need the link this is a nice set!
Yield: 2

Homemade Mummy Mason Jars for Halloween!

Mummy Jars

This fun DIY for Halloween makes a fun decoration for a mantle, desk or windowsill, or you can make a centerpiece for your Halloween party table!


  • 2-4 Mason jars in varying heights
  • Googly Plastic Eyes
  • Medical Gauze (2-3" width)
  • Mod Podge or School Glue
  • Glue Gun Sticks


  • Glue Gun
  • Paint brush or sponge brush


    Clean and dray Mason Jars if needed.

    Then, Take the medical gauze and cut into 4-8" strips. Use longer strips for the larger sized jars.

    Using the Mod Podge apply the medical gauze. If needed, secure the ends with a hot glue gun to ensure the gauze does not unravel or fall off.

    Stick onto the mason jar, gently wrapping around to look like a mummy.

    After putting the medical gauze onto the mason jar to make it look mummy like, add googly eyes to finish!

    Tip: I also like to add a little Mod Podge over the gauze when I am done just to give it a realistic effect.

    Add a LED light inside to make your mummy glow!


Alternate idea- if you just can't get to the store for googly eyes or have small kids who won't care, just make your own "eyes" out of circles of black and white construction paper.ย  Mom's of little ones know that sometimes, the fun is in making the craft and we can't always make that trip to the craft store! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Note: This post was originally featured on 9/7/2015. It has been updated on 9/13/19. ~ Consumer Queen Team

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