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Hotel Transylvania 2 Mummy Jars

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Halloween Decoration: Mummy JarsMummy Jars

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Decorating for Fall

Fall involves football games, family bonding, and cool weather.

During this leaf changing season, we all find ourselves needing either decorating ideas or gift ideas.

How to Make It:

Whether it’s a new idea to put on the shelf, or a ”thank you” teacher present. these MUMMY JARS are super easy and require only a few supplies.

Add candy for a gift or for a trick-or-treat candy holder.


  • Googly eyes
  • Medical gauze wrap- find at Walmart or drug store.
  • Mod Podge
  • Mason jars – we always recycle old jars or just find them at thrift stores, but if you need the link this is a nice set!

 Step 1 is to Get all the supplies!

Then, Take the medical gauze and using the Mod Podge apply the medical gauze onto the mason jar to look like a mummy.

After putting the medical gauze onto the mason jar to make it look mummy like, add googly eyes to finish!

( Tip: I also like to add a little Mod Podge over the gauze when I am done just to give it a realistic effect. )

Alternate idea- if you just can’t get to the store for googly eyes or have small kids who won’t care, just make your own “eyes” out of circles of black and white construction paper.  Mom’s of little ones know that sometimes, the fun is in making the craft and we can’t always make that trip to the craft store! 😉

Note: This post was originally featured on 9/7/2015. It has been updated on 9/13/19. ~ Consumer Queen Team

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