DIY Bolero Jackets

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CQ Reader Lisa King is at it again and she shares with us today this cute Bolero Jacket she made for her daughter! (Thanks Lisa)

Bolero jackets are “in” & they are super easy to make for almost no $.

You need a tshirt and 1-2 yards of ribbon. I bought this tshirt @ a thrift store for $1.50, & 3 yds of ribbon @ a craft store on sale for $1.75, so I spent $3.25 & still have enough ribbon for a second jacket. You could also use an old tshirt as a great way to recycle hand-me-downs.

Cut the bottom 1/3 or so off of the tshirt, so it is the desired length. Boleros are usually short, falling above the waist. Cut a deep V in the front of the shirt. Sew ribbon onto the raw edges, leaving about 1ft extra ribbon at each corner of the bottom of the V, so you can tie the two sides together.

That's it. Took me about 20 minutes. Boleros can be short or long sleeved, lightweight just for a layered look, or heavier weight to help stay warm.

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