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Homemade Toilet Bombs

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These homemade toilet bombs are made without harsh chemicals and great to keep on hand!

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I don’t know about you, but I love a clean toilet. I do not, however, love scrubbing it clean. So these toilet bombs are the perfect solution to save me from scrubbing duty (or doodie duty, as it may be). First, you’ll need to gather some supplies:

*1 ⅓ cups Baking Soda

*½ cup Citric Acid

*30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

*30 drops Lavender Essential Oil

*30 drops Citrus Fresh Essential Oil (or combo of orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, tangerine, mandarin)

*A spray bottle with water just in case

*Something to mold the toilet bombs, I used ice cube trays.

Homemade Toilet Bomb Ingredients (1 of 1)

In a bowl, I mixed the Baking Soda and Citric Acid. As with any time you are handling chemicals, you'll want to use proper safety techniques to protect your sensitive eyes, etc, reactions are expected -this is the same fizzing used in bath bombs. As long as it's not in your EYES!!! You'll be just fine! I used a fork to get the ingredients well incorporated. Next, get your essential oils ready. I used Peppermint, Lavender, and Citrus Fresh for their smells as well as their antimicrobial properties. Next I added the essential oils one drop at a time. Be sure to stir continuously, as getting too much in one spot could cause premature fizzing, which means no fizz later when you drop the toilet bombs in the toilet. So I stirred with one hand while adding the drops with the other. At this point you need to determine if the mixture has enough liquid to stick together. You do not want it wet, just have enough of the liquid ingredients to where it will pack together and stick. I ended up adding a little water with a spray bottle, but again, be sure it’s a fine mist and is mixed in as you go. It just took a couple of sprays for mine. Then, you will just need to fill your molds pressing them in firmly.

Homemade Toilet Bomb Trays (1 of 1)

They will need to sit in the molds for at least 6 hours before you can pop them out and store them in an air tight container of your choosing. I love using Mason jars, but a ziplock baggie would work just as well.

To Use: Just drop one toilet bomb in your toilet, and enjoy the fizzing as well as the wonderful scent. When fizzing has slowed- swish with scrub brush. enjoy your naturally clean toilet!

Homemade Toilet Bombs Finished (1 of 1)

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