20 Ways to Upgrade Your Flower Pots

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Our garden is one of our most used spaces during this time of year. Are you considering adding some fun and refreshing DIY decor to your garden? There are so many creative projects out there to help dress up your garden that are fairly inexpensive and can be done with the magic of a simple flower pot. All you have to do is collect a few flower pots to start creating an amazing garden project today! 

These are the best type of projects because they are mostly things that you probably already have on hand, which essentially makes them free or at least there's only a minimal out of pocket! That’s the best type of project, right? Plus, using what you already have will help to reduce all that dreaded clutter in your garage! It's not too late to plant if you're looking to add to your flowers and greenery for this Summer.  These simple flower pot upgrades can instantly improve your curb appeal. With these easy DIY projects, you are sure to easily spruce up your porch and even give your whole home a fabulous new look.

So, let’s get started making your patio the envy of your neighborhood. You'll create a beautiful place to welcome your friends and kick back and relax on those warm Summer days with an icy glass of lemonade.


Tie Dye Flower Pot

Clay Pot Toadstools

Garden Pot Fairy Garden

Clay Pot Lighthouse

Flower Pot Person

flower pot person

Chalkboard Herb Flower Pots

Fire Hydrant Craft

DIY Clay Pot Critters

Terra Cotta Turtles

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Fountain

Disney Flower Pots

DIY Bird Bath

DIY Vertical Planter

DIY Water Pond

Clay Pot Horses

DIY Garden Mushrooms

Glow in the Dark Flower Pots

Home Sweet Home Stacked Planters

Simple Flower Pot Bird Bath

Clay Pot Soldier

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