Make a Summer Journal from 3 Paper Lunch Bags!

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Make a Summer Journal!

make a summer journal

Make a Summer Journal from Paper Lunch Bags!

Here's a great craft to do with your kids this summer. Make a journal or scrap book! All you need is 3 paper bags, cute scrapbook paper, glue stick and any other embellishments you want. I got all my supplies at Walmart! I made a whole bunch and took them to our church's camp. It was a huge hit! A great way to remember what you did this summer!

First, lay out your bags like in the picture. The one in the middle needs to be facing the opposite direction as the other two. Then stack them on top of each other.

I sewed down the middle. Super easy and quick! If you don't have a sewing machine, fold it in half and punch a few holes down the side. Then lace it up.

To make it easier for kids, pre-cut the paper. The sizes may be different depending on your bags and if you sew it up or lace it up. I measured my bag and then used my trusty paper cutter to cut out my cute paper!

Then decorate! Let your kids creativity come out! I just used glue sticks to attach the paper. Just make sure that the products you are using are acid free, so you'll be able to keep it for years to come!

Where the opening of the bag is it will make a pocket. I cut a piece of paper to fit in it and added a tap. It would be also great to hold pressed flowers from nature walks, pictures, have an autograph page…etc! Possibilities are endless!

Now go make some great memories this Summer!

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