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DIY Car Air Freshener

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This car air freshener is so easy and cute! You probably have these items in the house already. You can easily find everything to make this at your local dollar store! Scroll down for the tutorial!

DIY Car Air Freshener Pinterest

DIY Car Air Freshener

Regardless of the time of year, the car can get a little stuffy. Unless you frequently get your car detailed, you probably agree there are times the car doesn't smell that great! In the winter we don't have a lot of fresh air going through the car, and of course in the spring and summer it just gets so stuffy from the heat.

It seems like any temporary bad (or not so fresh) smells just end up lingering. This can be from travel, food, or just general use. We love having our pets in the car too, so for that reason it's important to me to keep the vehicle clean and fresh. There's nothing like climbing into the car to go to church on Sunday morning, or to an event you're dressed up for– and the car isn't at it's freshest! See how this easy DIY can keep your car smelling great.


Simple Ingredients and Essential Oils

If you have baking soda and a small Mason Jar, you can make this air freshener. I use Young Living Essential Oils so it's a must to add a few drops of an essential oil or two, to scent the air freshener. If Essential Oils aren't your thing, you can opt to add other scent based products, but your results will vary.

One idea is Laundry Scent Boosters. They can be added just a few at a time and you can have a fresh car scent. The reason I love Essential Oils is mainly because of the strength–it goes a long way. And they are natural. Just substitute the Essential Oils for your scent booster, along with your baking soda.

You can find out more about Young Living Essential Oils here.

Pure Essential oils

Essential Oils to Add for Scent

If you have Orange, YL Stress Away, Peppermint, Lime or Lemon, these all make great additions to your Car Air Freshener.

Keep in mind most of us share our car with other people now and then. For that reason, you don't want to overpower the air freshener. Use oils sparingly. If you have children or pets that may be curious about it, keep in an area of the car they won't get into it! I tighten the lid extra tight. Unless it smells like food or candy, there's not too much to worry about.

Craft Fabric

Fabric for Your Car Air Freshener

After you choose your essential oils, choose a fun fabric print to secure under the ring of the Mason Jar. This will create the top of your jar, so the scent can drift through. Fat Quarters are absolutely great for small projects like these.

Who all starts a small project and ends up with so much fabric left over? I have done this and I end up being a bit of a fabric hoarder after a while if I am not careful! It's always easy to want to keep cute fabrics for a future project. With buying Fat Quarters, I am not tempted to keep them. The scraps are too small to do any other projects with! LOL.

You can find Fat Quarters anywhere, but the best selections are at the craft and sewing stores like Hobby Lobby, and Joann. You may want to grab 2-3 since these make great gifts! Think Mother's Day, a birthday gift, or even as a hostess gift!

Place lid on Fabric

Making Your Air Freshener.

There really isn't a wrong way to do it. Put your mason jar ring on the wrong side of the fabric and draw a pencil line around it. Since the fabric needs to be larger, grab another small object that you can set over the Mason Jar ring to guide your cut lines.

Remember to keep on the wrong side of the fabric!

I actually found a small Rubbermaid kitchen container. Yes, it's square, but that won't matter at all. This was just to guide me as I cut around the fabric, to make sure my fabric wasn't too big or too small for the top of my jar. If you're experienced at sewing, you could probably eyeball this and make it perfect the first time!

Trace a square around lid

TIP: If you have decorative edge craft scissors or Pinking Shears, make the edges cute! You can do a zig-zag edge or other fun ideas.

Square Material

After you have the fabric cut out, fill your Mason Jar with the baking soda and add your Essential Oil for scent.

Add 5-10 drops of essential oils

You can just add the drops to the top as I did, or give it a slight stir with a metal utensil. Be careful not to get any of the oil directly on your skin. If you aren't familiar with essential oils, be aware they can be too strong to come into contact with skin, and if you're sensitive to the smell, make this up in a well ventilated area.

DIY Car Air freshener

Finishing up

I love the rough edge look on my fabric, so just left it as is! If you want it a little more polished looking, trim edges all the way around or add some ribbon.

This was just to freshen up my car, so I wasn't going for too much of a fancy accent piece. However, you can make these for around the house and really get creative with how they look!

DIY Car Air Freshener with Oil

Hope you enjoyed reading about this DIY Car Refresher and it gives some inspiration to make the vehicle more inviting for spring and summer weather.

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DIY Air Freshener Cup Holder

DIY Car Air Refresher

car air freshener

This car refresher will keep away those not so fresh smells, and just calls for a few simple ingredients!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda- Enough to fill a small Mason jar
  • 1 Fat Quarter of Cotton Fabric
  • Pure essential oil
  • Small Mason Jar with ring
  • Container- larger than Mason Jar Ring
  • Pen or pencil


  • Scissors or craft/sewing shears


  1. Fill mason jar with baking soda
  2. Add drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend onto the top of the baking soda.
  3. On a flat surface, turn the fabric to wrong side up, and lay your mason jar ring on top of the fabric.
  4. Over that, put a small container larger than the mason jar ring. I used a Rubbermaid dish. It can be any shape, but you need 2" or more of extra fabric extending around the mason jar ring. The Rubbermaid dish will be your guide to cut the fabric big enough to show on the outside of the ring, when finished.
  5. Using a pencil, trace around the Rubbermaid container to use as a cut line on the fabric. Remove the container.
  6. Cut along the line. You can use decorative edge scissors if you have them.
  7. Turn fabric right side up and hold tightly against the mason jar.
  8. Then, close the ring around the fabric, giving an extra tug to ensure the ring will not loosen over time.


Store away from children. If you do not have kids and pets in the car, a great way to display the Car Air Refresher is to leave in the cup holder! This ensures the air refresher does not move around or break in the car.

Refresh as the scent leaves, adding more essential oil or replacing with new Baking Soda and starting over. Scents should last a while!

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