Free Preschool Worksheets: Counting Farm Animals Printable

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I am excited to share original Preschool Worksheets for readers to download for FREE! See them here.

Free Counting Farm Animals Printable

Preschool Worksheets:

With kids being out of school and doing distance learning, homeschool or other options, we know a lot of parents are in search of free educational resources at home.

If you have a preschooler, you can find some fun farm animal worksheets right here! No need to sign up for anything. This is a FREE PDF download, so all you need is a working printer. Since it's a counting animal activity, it would probably suit preschoolers or ages 2-3. Hopefully you can get use out of this download yourself, or pass it on to someone with small kids who can use it!

Victoria and david - Preschool worksheets

This is David and Victoria. As you can see these two kiddos are a hoot when they get together. They are part of the preschool class that Queen Mum teaches at our church. A big thank you to their mommies for letting us use this picture.

When we asked Victoria what her favorite farm animal was she said a horse because she likes horses and she totally wants to ride on them!

When we asked David what his favorite farm animal was he said ” Kitties-because they go “meow. Hiss! But I only want them to go ‘meow”. Then we asked “what about animals in a barn?” “Ducks! Because they go quack quack splash splash”.

Print Your Farm Animals PDF HERE

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