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Kids Gardening Products & Clever Ways Kids Can Help Garden

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It's time to start your spring gardens! I am glad to be able to do something productive while we are at home more right now. See some Cool Kids Gardening Items for Kids from Amazon.

Kids Gardening Tools

Getting kids involved in gardening can be a great way to help them learn gardening skills and also give them a productive hobby at home! It requires patience and hard work (usually for us parents), but a garden is so worth it later on. We recommend starting small, and of course planting kid-favorites like strawberries or flowers.

We like our kid sized Rake, Spade and Shovel. It's helpful and I think safer to have tools their own size. Scroll below for a small preschooler sized set on Amazon. Remember prices may vary and shipping times may be extended to certain areas right now.


If you can allow the kids to have their own kid-sized tools, it's a great way to let them work along side you while you plant flowers and even veggies. For smaller children, a great gardening responsibility is watering flowers. We have a small “toy” watering pitcher which of course works great! We have one similar to this, linked below.

Kids Gardening Related Fun Outdoor Activities:

If gardening isn't your thing, you can still get the kids involved in fun outdoor activities like starting a butterfly garden or making your own terrarium.

There are some great ready made kits you can buy that will get you started. We did a butterfly farm a couple years ago, and I can say I was nervous at first! I am not a person who loves bugs, but was happy to see you don't (and actually shouldn't) handle your butterflies in any way. It was a fun activity and now is the perfect time of year to start a butterfly farm. See a few products below.

Blue River Butterfly Eggs

Educational Home and Garden Kits

Improve Your Garden Insect House

For kids' activities we love the idea of getting a ready made garden kit. You can find some cool craft related kits like birdhouses and outdoor decorations for the garden, or put together a seed starter pack.

Peppers are so fun to watch grow, since they are low maintenance and so bright and pretty! We linked a Pepper Indoor Seed Starter Kit and also an Herb Seed Starter Kit if that's a better fit for you. Hope you can use some of these ideas for inspiration for getting the kids involved in helping with the spring garden!

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