DIY Herb Planters With Repurposed Cans

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DIY Herb Planter

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I love using fresh herbs when I'm cooking, but they are so stinkin' expensive!  I couldn't help but fall in love with these adorable Herb Planters. I always have to ask myself, hmm, can I make those? Luckily, it turns out they fall into the realm of semi-scratch.  You know when you use lots of premade items to make something that looks like you are super talented and crafty? That's pretty much what this is. You need only minimal skill to cut the tags, and only if you want to. If that's not in your scope of abilities, you can consider applying the chalkboard paint directly to the can.  Just tape off the desired area on the can's smooth surface.  The ridges are particularly difficult to write on… and moving on!

DIY Herb Planters supplies

I started with 4″ cans, think pumpkin or even Progresso soup.  Start by emptying out your container. Remove the label and clean all of the glue residue off.

Next, put 3 coats of spray paint. Letting it dry well between coats. I chose Rose Gold, but choose what suits you, and will fit into the space you have in mind for displaying them. Plus, it's “metallic” 🙂
When they are completely dry drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

DIY Herb Planter Cans
Those specks are just water droplets. Gotta love projects on rainy days.
Those of you who have talent abounding may want to make your own cutouts out of balsa board. Then apply a coat of chalkboard paint. The rest of us may be ordering chalkboard labels to stick right onto wooden cutouts from the craft section.
If your cutouts do not have a hole in the center you'll need your drill again to make small holes in the center.  Just measure and mark the spot first.  I really like the look of raffia to tie the tag to the can.
Lastly, add some (organic) herb plants and potting soil, and label them accordingly. Every plant is a little different so don't forget to check the recommendations for sunlight and water.

Herb Planter

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