How to make a Personalized Clipboard and other Frugal Teacher Gifts Ideas!!

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Summer is almost here and school ready to let out. What are you going to give your children’s teachers to say thank you? They give so much and get so little back in return. Let them know that you appreciate them!

Here’s a list of some teacher gifts I've put together. Some of them you may be able to use with some of the deals you've been able to score! Please feel free to share your ideas or if you’re a teacher what you like to receive!

For the Crafters out there!

-Personalized Clip Board (Instructions at the bottom of the post!)

-Wall Art. Make their last initial out of crayons or pencils

-A ruler with a note saying, “You Rule!”

-Potted Plant with a note saying, “Thanks you helping me Grow!”

-A water bottle filled with goodies and a note saying “Thanks for quenching my thirst for learning!”

-Trace your child’s hand. Write on it, “You deserve a hand!” Tape it to a bottle of lotion or hand sanitizer. (This is a great way to use up some freebies you may have scored!)

-A candle with a note saying, “Thanks for making my future brighter!”

-A Relaxing gift with a towel, magazine, sunscreen, sunglassesetc!

-A nice pen with a note saying, “You were the “write” teacher for me!”


Food Gifts

-A case of A&W root beer with a note saying, “You are an “AW”esome teacher!” (Good idea for a male teacher who doesn’t really want crafty things!)

-A ring pop, or pop rocks with a note saying, “You Rock!!”

-A smores kit that includes graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bar. “ The world needs SMORE teachers like you”


-Their favorite candy, or a cute candy jar and a note saying, “Thanks for being such a sweet teacher!”



-Gift cards, who doesn’t want a gift card!

-Scratch off tickets

-Nice school supplies

-An Apple!



How to make a personalized clipboard! Trust me, it's easy and it costs less than $2!

Gather your supplies. I decided to go with the mini clip boards, aren't they cute?! They were about $1.25 at Walmart. You will also need Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, scissors, pencil, paint brush and any embellishments you want to add.

Trace the clipboard on the back side of the paper. You will want to cut the paper just slightly smaller than the clipboard so the paper doesn't hang over the edge. Measure and cut out the space of the clip part. Round off the corners.

Apply a layer of Mod Podge all over the front of the clipboard. This will act as glue. Put the paper in place and try to push out any bubbles or gaps. Let Dry.

On the back of the board I put the Teacher's initial. Again, put a light layer of Mod Podge down and put the embellishment in place. Then cover with a layer of Mod Podge. Use nice even strokes in one direction to get a nice look when it dries. As it dries it will turn from white to clear.

Add a coat of Mod Podge to the paper on the front. Both sides should be covered with a layer of Mod Podge. It says that it takes about 20 minutes for each coat to dry.

When everything was nice and dry I added ribbons to the clip part. Very cute and a very practical gift that I'm sure any teacher would love to get!

Matching Clothes Pins! 

While I was waiting for my clipboards to dry I saw some clothespins sitting on my craft table. I bought them months ago but haven't used them for anything yet. This was the perfect chance. I used scraps of paper from the clip boards. I put the clothes pin on the paper and traced around. Applied a small coat of Mod Podge to act as glue, put on the paper, and then applied another layer of Mod Podge to the paper.  Super Cute. Super Easy. And Super Inexpensive!

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