Renovating Your Home-8 Things You Must Remember After

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Whether you want to increase the size of your home or undertake backyard renovations to make your outdoor space more comfortable all year round, a home renovation is one of the best ways to do so. Rather than moving house, which is stressful and can easily disrupt your life, renovating your home allows you to stay in the same place while adding value to your property. 

renovating your home

There are many reasons to carry out a home renovation, too. Whether you need more space for a growing family or need to make adjustments to your changing situation, home renovations can make this possible. After you have chosen a reliable contractor and lived through the noise and mess, you can look forward to a home that is as perfect as you ever wanted. 

But, the process is not truly over once the last nail is hammered into the wall. There are still a few things you must do after the renovation is complete to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are the eight most important things you must remember after renovating your home. 

One Last Walkthrough 

Before the contractors officially hand over the renovation and you hand over the payment, it’s essential to do a final walkthrough to make sure everything is as expected after renovating your home. Take this opportunity to check lights, leaks, debris, and more to make sure there are no issues that could arise later on, long after the contractors have taken their payment and disappeared. 

Ideally, you’ve selected a trustworthy team, but even the best companies can make mistakes. You can share any questions or doubts you have, and they will explain how or why something is as it looks. In most cases, this should be satisfactory. 

If you are unsatisfied with anything, you should let them know as soon as you notice it. There is the chance that one upgrade caused an issue with something else, and any decent company will take steps to fix it, often at no extra cost. Don’t feel nervous when pointing problems out, because it is your home after all. 

Get Out the Dustpan and Brush

Good contractors will also do as much of the cleaning as they possibly can to make sure th4e area is inhabitable immediately. But, renovations are always messy work, and there may be some items leftover. Depending on the scale of these issues, you can hire a professional cleaning company to do the heavy lifting for you. 

However, it may not take long for you to clean it yourself. The most important thing to look out for is dust, as too much dust can be a health hazard, especially if you or anyone in your family has asthma. Again, contractors will do as much as they can to clean up after themselves, but there is always the chance that dust will settle after they are gone. 

Cleaning the renovated area (as well as other parts of the house) will give you an idea of how the room will look when it is ready to become something. 

Consider the Colors 

Painting the renovation will be the next job, and you can do this yourself or hire a professional painting and decorating company. Often, this depends on the size of the renovation and how complicated the room is. A simple spare bedroom won’t require professionals, especially if you’re happy to take your time. But, unusually shaped spaces, or areas like the kitchen with a lot of appliances that you’ll use regularly, may be more suited to the pros. 

A paint job will also cover any nicks or damage that might have occurred during the renovation. As long as these issues aren't major, you can cover them up, as it would be unnecessary for the contractors to fix it themselves. 

Picking the right color is also important, but this will depend on what you want from the renovated space. Bright colors, like yellow, are ideal for kitchens, especially if it catches the sunrise, whereas you may prefer calming blues for a home office. 

Upgrade Your Warranties and Insurance 

If you’ve installed new appliances while renovating your home, you should make sure the 2-10 HBW home warranty is in place. It’s often easy to forget about this, or many people simply ignore the warranty altogether because they don’t believe it’s necessary. But, if you’ve spent all this money on a home renovation, you don’t want to spend even more on replacement appliances if they break down. 

Signing up for all warranties ensures total coverage and will give you peace of mind, saving you plenty of money in case anything happens, especially as these warranties are free. 

Besides this, you may also need to reconsider your home insurance. If the renovation has vastly extended your home or you have dramatically increased the value, you’ll need to update the limits. This may be possible to do by yourself, but an assessor can also do it for you if you need a professional appraisal. 

Entry way - ideas for home decor

Look for New Furniture 

Furniture shopping is fun, right? Whether the renovation is for a home office or spare bedroom, you need something to fill it. Depending on what the renovation becomes, you can make the space as functional as possible, offering somewhere to work and sleep if needed. 

Of course, work and sleep are not the only possibilities. If you have already decided what you want the space to become, consider furniture that matches this. A home gym or yoga studio will require soft cushions and perhaps a futon to go with the exercise equipment, whereas an art studio or music room will need plenty of space inside as well as a lot of storage options. 

The possiblities are – essentially – endless, so choose furniture that you feel is right.  

Work Out a Maintenance Checklist 

Maintenance checklists are a superb way to keep your home in excellent condition, and it shouldn’t just be your renovation you think about, but the entire home. This is especially important if the remodel contains materials or functions that you aren't familiar with, and you’ll need to stay on top of these to keep the quality at a suitable level.

Certain materials, such as stone tiles, require greater care than your standard hardwood floors, or additional features like an above ground pool need a lot of care and maintenance. Your contractors can tell you how to look after them, so make sure you note down any advice. 

The more you look after them, the easier it will be to maintain. This also reduces the risk of wear and tear that can affect how your home looks. 

Smile for the Camera 

Don’t be surprised if the builders want to take photographs of the area after renovating your home. They want to show off a job well done, but this is still at your discretion. After the area is cleaned and cleared, they may request photographs for their portfolio. You may also be asked to provide a review and recommendation. 

Of course, you’re not obligated to do this if you don’t want to, but if you’re happy with the results, there’s no harm in sharing your experience and increasing their recognition. You also know that they will do an excellent job if you need renovations for remodels in the future, so maintaining a good relationship with the contractors will make it easier to get in touch/ 

Furthermore, they can help with any issues later on. Some contractors offer a free repair service within a specific amount of time, usually 60 days, although this varies from company to company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a touch-up for some parts of the house. It might be that they have leftover materials from the project to make repairs or replacements following an accident. 

kids bedroom designs for small spaces

Think Of What It Could Become 

Once everything is cleared and the dust has both settled and been cleaned up, you can start to think about what you want to do with the renovation properly. You should already have an idea, but you can think even further into the future. While the area might be perfect for the kids’ bedroom now, you can use it as an office to start a business online once they move out. 

There are plenty of ideas to consider when looking at your renovation, and it could even become a room that boasts multiple functions. This is ideal for homes that are short on space anyway, and it can help you keep the home in better condition and prevent clutter. 

Home Improvements 

If you’re looking for a solution that allows you to upgrade your home and make it the place you will live for the rest of your life, renovating your home is the way to go. But, you must always check what has been completed before you accept the result. This will ensure protection should the work turn out to be below par, and you will have a strong case should you encounter any issues. In most cases, the work will be precisely as you wanted, but it is always worth double-checking the results and then preparing it for whatever plans you have, whether you need the space to work from home, stay in shape, or give your kids a place to play and grow. 

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