Make Your Own Adorable Mini Easter Basket!

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Mini Easter Baskets

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DIY Mini Easter Basket!

Spring is in the air! The trees are budding. Birds are singing. The flowers are starting to bloom. All of this means that Easter is on its way! I love Easter. It’s a time for new beginnings, bright colors, and Easter crafts! These mini Easter baskets are the perfect craft to get you into the spring-time mood. They are perfect for a decoration or to fill with little goodies and give as a gift. So gather up the kids, craft supplies and get to it!

mini easter basket supplies

Supplies needed

-Paper cups, I tried plastic and paper works much better!

-Mini wooden craft sticks


-Paint brushes

-Pipe cleaners or Fuzzy Sticks

-Glue, glue gun



First measure the craft sticks up against the cup. If the cup is taller than the sticks cut the excess off.

mini easter basket cup


Then add the handle. To do this, punch a small hole on each side of the cup. Put one end of the pipe cleaner in it and make a knot. Then wrap the pipe around your finger to make curls, take it off and loosen the curl. Put the other end of the pipe in the other hole and make a knot.

mini easter basket pipe cleaner

Now start gluing on the sticks. Any craft glue should work, but I’m a big fan of my hot glue gun! Make sure that as you are putting them on they are going straight up and down. It’s easy to start going crooked because the base of the cup is smaller than the top, causing a gap between the sticks.

popsicle sticks

Paint the sticks and any of the cup showing between sticks. Don’t miss the backs of the sticks that might be showing along the top. Let dry.


Last step is to wrap two pipe cleaners around the center of the baskets. Twist each one tight and then snip off the remaining pipe. I thought that I would need to glue it in place but it seemed pretty secure without it.

mini easter baskets

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Now all that’s left is to fill it with goodies and enjoy!

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  1. Love this idea, i am going to take the time to create about 100 mini Easter baskets for the children at my church!! Can’t wait get started!!!!!

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