Dollar Store Craft: Easy Light Saber Pool Noodle Craft

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Light Saber Pool Noodles are a must make for any Star Wars birthday party, watch party, or for May the Fourth!

Every child has dreamed of being a Jedi, defeating the Sith and getting away from their duties to go on an adventure. Now, you can let your children live that dream with this pool noodles Light Saber craft. All you need is some pool noodles and tape!

Star Wars Pool Noodle Lightsaber long view

How to Make Light Saber Pool Noodles:

This Easy Star Wars Light Saber Pool Noodle Craft is a perfect craft for kids of all ages. It’s easy, inexpensive and anyone can make one! If you are looking to do something different this summer with your kids or want an easy DIY project to have in the classroom, we think that making light sabers out of pool noodles would be perfect.

pool noodles

You may be thinking, why would I want to create a pool noodle light saber? Well, it's easy and fun and your kids will love it! First you'll need a pool noodle. You can find these at any local Dollar Tree Store for around $1.00 each. You're going to start with whatever color of pool noodles you think your child would love. The blue and green are usually Jedi lightsabers.

duct tape and electrical tape

Then your going to need some black electrical tape and some gray duct tape. You will start by cutting your pool noodle down to 3 feet. Using a serrated knife works easiest and should only be done by an adult.

duct tape

Next,wrap the bottom of your pool noodle with gray duct tape on both sides.

duct tape on pool noodle side view

If you wipe your scissors down with a baby wipe first, it makes it easier to cut the duct tape.

duct tape on pool noodle

You will then cover the rest of the bottom of your pool noodle to make the base of your lightsaber handle.

Star Wars Pool Noodle Lightsaber

Great for Indoor or Outdoor Fun!

Your kids will love this light saber pool noodle craft because they get to be their favorite character from their favorite movie. Plus it's so much more interesting than just coloring or drawing pictures of things that don't move around like a lightsaber does! They'll have so much fun playing with their new toy and showing off what they made at school tomorrow too!

If you're a mom you probably noticed these pool noodle lightsabers are a bit less to worry about than hard plastic lightsaber toys, since they are made of foam.

Lightsaber fight

We hope you’ve enjoyed this easy craft for kids. With just a few items from the dollar store, your little one can have their own light saber to wield in battle! If you want more Star Wars crafts and activities, check out our other articles.

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