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5 Tech Products Your Office Needs!

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“Disclosure: This Tech Products post was sponsored by Jasco. All opinions expressed are my own.”

I am so excited to share my Home Office redo and let my readers in on 5 Tech Products Your Office Needs!  This post is part of our Consumer Queen Home Makeover Series. Hope you enjoy reading about our DIY projects!

New Tech Products Can Save Time and Space:

If you haven't updated the home office for a while (like us!) you may be missing out on some pretty awesome new tech products that can save you major time and headaches!  Just as a little background, I work form home and have had a room for my “office” for some time.

Jasco Tech Products

It has always been a multi-use space, which can be problematic when different projects all share the same are!  I was running into problems with outlets, cords and just overall having to move stuff to the left and right to make room for blog and recipe projects.  I really wanted to make the space more functional and peaceful, so started this mini office redo!  Check it out below.

Jasco TV Cords Unorganized

For starters, I wanted to utilize this TV better in my office. I needed to actually hook it up so I could have the news or my favorite show on while I worked at my desk.  We hung it on the wall but decided a good Antenna was a must.  We installed this UltraPro Signal Finder Amplified Antenna, so now I can finally watch TV in my office! I can't believe we didn't do this easy project sooner.

Jasco Extension TV Atenna

We went ahead and picked out the UltraPro Universal Remote to go with it.  For most of us, if we have an older TV in the house — any guesses on where the original remote is? Nope! A new universal remote was an easy solution.

I chose the brushed silver finish so it would match my home office decor.  Goodbye boring old black remotes!

Jasco Universal Remote

I just can't believe how nice and updated my desk wall looks now with the functional TV set up!  We didn't want to tear up the wall to hide cords so a cord cover is an attractive way to hide them. I can have the local news on low or muted and just tune in if something catches my attention! I can feel more connected to the outside world in my home office. 🙂

Next Project: A place for Photos!

Next up was a fresh space for my photos.  For my blog we take a LOT of pictures, and then there is editing too. It's necessary to have great lighting and space, as many of you know if you have taken professional photo shots before.

Appliances not plugged in

This is just one example of a hobby or project that needs multiple electrical outlets in one place.

I was having to stop in the middle of photos and plug different things in before– so it was not working!  The Extension Cords with Surge Protection solved this dilemma!

Jasco Extension Cords

I definitely don't want ugly utility extension cords hanging out under the desk and table, so these were a great option.  They blend in with my decor and the shorter 10 ft length is optimal for home offices.

Appliances plugged in

If you need even shorter extension cords, they offer 3 ft Surge Protector Decor Cords. These are actually great for the bedroom nightstands or where you do your hair too… anywhere in the house  you may just need one more outlet!

Jasco Extension Surge Protector

Photos and appliance problem solved! I can now do my recipe photos and videos without unplugging and re-plugging my appliances! I needed some of these 3 ft/6 outlet Surge Protector Cords too.

Jasco Messy Cords

As I mentioned above we also wanted something to hide the cords… no sense in knocking a big hole in the wall for a small project!  These 6 ft Fabric Cord Covers are cute and hide those wires with no fuss.

Jasco TV Cord Covers

I have one on the TV cord (pictured below) but you can even cover the extension cords under the desk.  It just lends itself to the peaceful feel and less “stuff” to look at when I head into my home office to get to work!

Jasco Extension Cord Cover & Surge Protector

I am so excited to have my own space! I also feel more comfortable in my home office without all the electrical cords everywhere!

Jasco watching TV

Hope you found this post with new Tech Products helpful! See my last big DIY project with Enbrighten Landscape Lights by Jasco here.

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