DIY Tin Can Flower Pots

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tin can flower pots

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I'm so in love with this new DIY! This week has been a busy one for me! I volunteer with girl scouts and with a girls youth group at church. With Mother's day coming up we did a fun craft for our lovely mothers. These Tin Can Flower Pots are simply adorable and easy to make!

I'm in love with these flower pots because they are simple, chic, and they are very budget friendly! As we were making them I explained to the girls that we were also recycling. Taking something that once was ugly and heading for the trash and giving it a new life!

The first thing you need to do is gather cans. Make sure they don't have any sharp edges. The ones with the pull off tops come off clean. Then wash them out and let them dry. You will need to punch a few holes in the bottom for excess water to come out of. You can take a hammer and poke a few holes

tin can

 Next you need to spray pain the cans. Spray paint it quick and it covers the can nicely. If you are helping children makes these can they will need extra help here! Make sure you hold the spray about 6-8 inches away with quick sprays. Let dry completely.

tin can 2

Next is the fun part! I just used supplies that I already had in my craft stash. Lace, twine and ribbon all work great. I think less is more sometimes! A glue gun will have get the job done fast but I'm sure other glues would work as well.

The last thing to do is add a plant. When choosing one keep in mind the size, it must be small to fit in the can. I kind of have a crush on succulents right now. I don't have much luck with keeping plants alive and those seem to be able to survive.

So instead of throwing away those soup cans, keep them and make these Tin Can Flower Pots!

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