The Best Font for College Essays

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When writing a college essay or high school, a student should take care of many essential elements. The topic and the structure, content, reliability of sources, tone of voice, clarity, and consistency of ideas are some of the most important components of a good college essay. However, there’s also a feature that many college students mistakenly underestimate. Selecting the best font is no less critical than presenting thought-provoking ideas throughout academic writing. Today we are going to talk about the The Best Font for College Essays.

The Best Font for College Essays

In academic texts, font is more than visuals that you select based on their appearance. Instead, a working combination of font and content is a key to writing a meaningful text, impressing a teacher and classmates, and earning good grades. Spend some time choosing a suitable font and present your college essay like a pro!

These tips aren't just for the best font for college essays. Are you writing a personal statement? This is basically your college application essay format. It tells the college admissions committee, who you are, what your career goals are and why you should be admitted to their school. These tips will help you with that as well.

Choosing the right font for your college essays

Whether you need to write an original essay or research paper you need to select the font style and font size for your academic text responsibly. Good body text is important. Remember, professors often provide clear instructions regarding the required readable font and size necessary to apply in the assignment. This condition significantly eliminates the difficulty. Many want you to stay away from fancy fonts that may be hard to read.

However, various academic formats are not so strict and do not establish definitive guidelines regarding the font. So, what to do if you don’t get transparent instructions and instead obtain the freedom of choice? The review of thousands of college essays helps indicate the best essay fonts may be the following options. remember this is just a general guideline.

Times New Roman Fonts

This font is a popular font for many students and some people say it's the best choice. If you intend to make an impression of a genuinely professional writer, use this clear-cut font, and the reader won't face any problems whether they familiarize themselves with the printed or digital version of your college essay.  This font was created by Stanley Morison.


Another popular choice that enables students to create precise and easy-to-understand texts. The ultimate benefit of this font is its simplicity, even compared to the Times New Roman font. Thus, the reader won't be distracted and will be able to appreciate the introduced ideas. Like Times New Roman and Arial, Calibri is a part of the Sans-serif font group, which doesn't include extra serifs. 


Suppose you want your college admissions essay to look both professional and casual, select Arial font. This choice is for you if you're going to deliver a classic-looking college essay. This font's applicability is tremendously diverse – specialists use it in advertisements, press, and other materials. Arial is an effective tool for creating simultaneously soft and strict texts in college essays. 


Some writers prefer their texts to look neat and compact. Unlike other Sans-serif fonts, Cambria doesn't create an effect of small and unclear text when the smaller size is applied. It's also a good choice.ret


A great way to make your papers look professional and interesting is to apply Helvetica font. Its modern and clear exterior serves as a great helper for adding a little seriousness to your college essay. Markedly, thankfully to its simplicity, the font is often used for signs of large size. 


As it derives from the font's name, Serif includes several serifs at the end of the letters. Serif looks more visually appealing compared to other fonts, yet its sophistication does not contribute to the simplicity of text's perception. Some examples of serif fonts are what this article was written in.

So what are the main rules for selecting the font, and are there such rules at all? The main thing is that the font shouldn't prevent a reader from comprehending the text. We are more than sure that your college essay would not benefit from the use of fonts that remind of handwriting, include extra space between letters, or are difficult to comprehend because of the intricate design. Additionally, there's no need for unnecessary visual sophistication in college essays, which would distract the reader from the text's structure – another essential factor that improves readability. 

Besides, after selecting your font, don't forget about its size. Too big letters would distract a reader from the content and ideas. The same thing applies to smaller fonts – when your instructor reads the text; they wouldn't appreciate getting extra eye wrinkles. Therefore, try to find balance. The 10, 11, or 12 sizes are most frequently appropriate for creating readable text. Don't forget that black font is almost always a must. 

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Where to find the best fonts for your college essays

First of all, before choosing the best font for your college essay, let's figure out how you plan to create the text. The first scenario can be more challenging – it is your finest hour to demonstrate excellent writing skills and write a college essay on your own. As you do so, try different fonts provided by your writing template. If your text editor such as Microsoft word or google docs doesn't contain the default font you need, you can download it online. Then, assess the presentation and its compliance with the content. If you still aren't satisfied with the final result, don't hesitate to refer for expert help.

Notably, many students do not have sufficient experience writing quality college essays, and there's nothing to worry about. The good news is that the solution is more straightforward than most learners think. First and foremost, there is a multiverse of professional writing services in the USA that offer learners quality assistance in creating insightful academic texts. Such companies provide various options, allowing a customer to improve one's writing expertise and reveal valuable secrets of creating compelling and readable essays. 

What else besides fonts are important for essays?

In addition to the best font for college essays, other important factors to consider for your page layout, for example, paragraph structure, right margin size, page count, and line spacing. A good rule of thumb is to use a one-inch margin and double-spaced lines. This will give your college papers a clean, easy-to-read look that will help your readers focus on your content. As for paragraph structure, it's best to keep them short and concise. Make sure each paragraph covers one main point, and use strong supporting evidence to back up your argument. Don”t forget about page numbers and let's not forget about the title of the essay.

Page Headings:

On the first page of your essay, you'll want to make a double space between the title and the first line of the text. In the upper right hand corner of your essay you will want to add a page header with your name, professor’s name, the course and the date. Again don't forget to add proper spacing.

Finally, be sure to proofread your essay for mistakes before submitting it. A careful edit can make all the difference.

Admissions counselors or admissions officers are looking for essays that are well-written, clear, and concise. They want to see that you can follow directions and that you can organize your thoughts in a logical way. Be sure to proofread your entire essay before submitting it, and make sure it is free of errors. A well-written essay will help you stand

If you can master these elements, you're well on your way to writing a great college essay!

In Conclusion:

To sum it up, wether you are writing college admission essays, a research paper, legal documents, letters of recommendation or a five-paragraph essay, choosing the preferred font for your college essay can seem easy at first glance; however, the suitability of applied font significantly predetermines the readability and success of the performed assignment. Explore as many font options reviews as possible, refer for expert help, and explore samples from a reliable educational website like the modern language association which provides explicit, specific recommendations for the margins and spacing of academic papers, and soon you'll find the best font and become an expert in academic texts' visuals. If strict instructions do not limit you, feel free to be creative. However, remember that your creativity shouldn't prevent your college essay's readability. Stick to your goals, ideas, and messages and work towards the balance between the content and appearance.  We hope these tips have helped and we wish you luck in applying for all of the dream colleges.

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