10 Product Packaging Trends Consumers Should Expect In 2022

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Product packaging is important for many finished products. It helps protect your product from contamination in the supply chain. It also helps preserve those products that can quickly get spoiled by using preservatives. In addition, packaging provides a good way of handling products. Besides, packaging helps in the marketing of your product. You can include your brand colors and logo on your packaging material to identify your products easily.  Let's talk packaging trends.

Product Packaging

When designing your packaging, you need to put into consideration the consumer. Is the package attractive to quickly convince a buyer to purchase your product? A big concern globally is to produce environmentally friendly packaging. It would help if you worked with packaging designers who can tailor your packaging designs to suit your needs and meet necessary regulations, such as TDI Packsys, among others. In addition, a good packaging designer can help you automate your packaging processes to level up your production.  

If you're planning to begin manufacturing in 2022, here are packaging trends that you can consider: 

  1. Eccentric Text-Centered Design 

Among the trends you should be aware of is that the text used in your packaging is a great means of artistic communication. In this aspect, you put aside photography to emphasize standalone text fonts. In addition, the text needs to have different colors from the background to boost the visibility of the text. Another intention of the eccentric text-centered design is to create an attractive piece of art. As a result, consumers can easily spot your products from a distance on the shelves.  

  1. Creating A Peace Feeling On Packaging 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a growing need to foster calmness in the hearts of all people. As a result, sending this message should also be included in your packaging. With that said, you can consider muted colors that give your consumers a sigh of relief. In addition, consider having some simplistic product copy with few typefaces for unfussy readability. After being bombarded with frightening news of the pandemic, everyone is looking for tranquility which can be communicated using comforting colors. Moreover, you can deliberately focus on textured or shiny, smooth packaging to enhance serenity.   

  1. Faux 3D Deco 

The faux 3D graphic is an excellent way of making your packaging sophisticated. It's a new trend that is yet to be embraced by many packaging designers. Due to its attractive nature, it almost calls for your consumers' attention. They can casually stop along the aisles of a stall to look at your product. Once they're admiring your product, they can easily buy them.   

Faux 3D creates an impression of quality. Your consumers would perceive your product to be worthy of the price attached. This packaging technology appeals greatly to technology products, especially the high-end ones.   

  1. Fascinating Color Mists 

If you prefer white color for your packaging, you can make it more appealing by spraying misted color pops. Suppose you advertise your products on any social media platforms which are visual-centered. In that case, these color mists are quick attention grabbers, making your target audience stop scrolling and look at your product.   

wood Packaging
  1. Use Of Imperfect Raw Materials  

If your brand is committed to being eco-friendly, you can advance your company ethos to your target customers by using earthy imperfect textures. Most consumers nowadays prefer biodegradable material which can be disposed of easily. There is a growing trend to sensitize consumers and manufacturers towards a cleaner environment free from pollution. In addition, some of the packaging material used may be a health risk to your consumers, which is not the case with natural materials. As a result, you can focus on wood product packaging, which is compostable and non-hazardous.   

  1. Reuse And Refill 

It is a strategy whereby your customers can use the same packaging repeatedly. For instance, once customers have consumed alcohol in the beer, bottles should be returned to the company for packaging other alcohol. Similarly, with cooking gas, once you have exhausted your gas, you should return the gas cylinder to the vendor for refilling.   

  1. Truth In Labeling 

In recent years, some states and countries have introduced laws that demand companies to be truthful with their labeling of recyclable materials. It was motivated by the realization that some companies weren't honest with the information given on packaging material. They would claim that their packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, which was not the case. As a result, some governments have introduced laws that demand companies to be truthful about recyclable and biodegradable materials information. In addition, it's a requirement to show that your material is a recycled one in some states.   

  1. Connected Packaging  

Modern packaging is intensively incorporating technology with the use of the QR code. The QR code enables you to recognize and communicate specific information concerning each package. Serialized QR codes help you to:  

  • Differentiate valid products from counterfeits.  
  • Gather demographic information for your market research.  
  • Send marketing information to buyers depending on the buyer's characteristics, geographical area, and purchase date.  
  • Help in tracing batch and the individual who processed a certain product.  
  1. Factoring Supermarkets And Ecommerce In design 

With today's rise of online stores, it's recommended that the design of your packaging should be sensitive for online sellers and physical businesses. It is because online stores capitalize on the pictorial aspect of a product. With that said, you need to simplify your packaging with large fonts, easy-to-understand marketing copy, and single colors.   

seasonal Packaging
  1. Season Sensitive Packaging 

When designing the packaging of your goods, you should also be sensitive to the seasons you're in. For instance, be sensitive to globally recognized holidays such as Christmas and Easter. In that light, you should package your products with colors that depict the season's mood. In addition, you can pass a message of goodwill to your esteemed customers with appealing fonts. It shows you care about them during the time of celebrations.   

Final Thoughts 

Competition for the attention of potential customers has taken the high road, and the product packaging isn't an exception. Therefore, to gain a competitive advantage in your niche, you have to join the bandwagon of modern packaging. In that light, this article on packaging trends gives you curated information on product packaging that you can expect in 2022 and beyond.  

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