25 At Home Date Night Ideas

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See 25 At Home Date Night Ideas for this spring and summer!

25 date Night Ideas At Home

At Home Date Night Ideas:

Whether you’re a married couple, engaged, or still dating, there are times when an expensive night out for dinner and entertainment just isn’t in the budget. Date nights are a great way to keep your relationship healthy, and of course take a few moments to laugh, chat, plan, discuss, and in general just get away from the daily stresses you both face! القمار على الانترنت

Of course, with this year being a bit out of the ordinary, a lot of us have decided to get creative on ways to spend quality time together without going out! See a few fun and new At Home Date Night Ideas here!

Date Night Ideas – for couples with kids

  • Indoor Game Night – We all have that closet of board games. Dig up a few favorites and have them set out on a table after dinner. We recommend having a few favorite (special) snacks and your favorite beverages around too. Our game nights can last a while- since everyone is pretty competitive!
  • Take a long walk – Whether you have kids at home or not, this one is a must. Sometimes it’s nice just to grab your best walking shoes, a bottle of water and take a leisurely walk at sunset!
  • Have a back yard picnic – this can be as elaborate as you want to make it. If you just want to lay out a picnic blanket and a few snacks, go for it! betfinal Want to have a full BBQ for just the immediate family in the back yard? Sounds great!
  • Ride bikes around the neighborhood – As our kids got older this one became more fun. Everyone get their bike or scooter, helmet, and head out of the house for some fresh air!
  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar – We love this idea for families with smaller kids. Have a few flavors of ice cream available and of course ALL those delicious toppings. You could also use this idea for a late night treat for mom and dad only, if ice cream isn’t your favorite thing to offer everyone. Remember the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, fruits and candies.
  • Nerf Wars – This one may take some planning but could be SO much fun, especially if you have teens or older school aged kids at home. Of course, parents and kids can be on opposing teams.

    See some Nerf Products here.

  • Outdoor game night – Do you have a Cornhole set, a few golf clubs, or ring toss? You can opt for something stored in the garage or make your own!

Couples Only:

Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Put together a puzzle- Grab a puzzle on Amazon and have it ready for the next indoor date night!
  • You Tube Dance Lessons – Just set up your computer or if you have a smart TV, load You Tube with your favorite type of Dance Lesson. There are so many to pick from! If Dancing isn’t your thing, there are also a ton of workouts available.
  • You Tube Yoga Session – Burn some calories and spend some quality time together!
  • Start a new TV or Netflix Series – We had a lot of friends suggest binge-worthy Netflix series, but it’s one of those things we like to wait on until we have time to watch a few episodes at once. Perfect date night idea!
  • Romantic evening under the stars – For the outdoorsy couples, you can always take a few blankets or cushions outdoors to gaze at the stars and have time to talk.
  • Order in breakfast – The old breakfast in bed idea is a classic, but with all of the delivery options now we love the idea of ordering in. Check and see if you can order online ahead of time, or just set your alarm to put your order in for the morning. رهان المباريات It’s a great idea for a surprise for your spouse! Some ideas are pancakes, your favorite bakery, or just the largest size coffee and a pastry!
Netflix TV

More Couples At Home Date Night Ideas

  • Make Fondue – Do you both love to cook? This one is fun! Just order your own Fondue Set for dinner or dessert. You can pair with a special main dish.  Find a set here.
  • Candlelight Dinner with Music – Set the mood with candles, your favorite music choice in the back ground, tablecloth, and something special for dinner. If you’re not a cook, consider ordering in from your favorite restaurant. Add some flowers, too!
  • Create a Bucket List- For those of us who have been married or together a while, sit down and make individual and a couple’s bucket list for the future. It might just surprise you what adventure’s your loved one has been thinking about doing someday!
Vacation Travel
  • Plan a Trip! With cancelling vacations this year, we all probably have a few ideas for our next travel destination. Head over here for some inspiration!
  • Make your own Spa Night- You don’t need to spend $100 on an expensive Spa reservation. Order a few spa essentials from Amazon and make your own spa experience at home! Add in a foot soak, massage, and relaxing music for a romantic evening for just the two of you.
  • Go through your wedding album or watch your wedding video/DVD – If it’s been a few years, have a quiet evening at home and reminisce!
winchester drive-in
  • Go for an evening walk or drive – This one probably depends upon where you live, and what time of year it is, but you can go to your favorite park for a walk, or even a drive to your favorite hangouts. We love to head out for ice cream and then stop by our local Drive In Theater!

Double Date Ideas:

If you’re needing double date ideas for a small group of friends, here are a few ideas that don’t involve heading out on the town:

  • Roast S’mores outside
  • Paint Night! Get some canvases and paint along with a You Tube tutorial.
  • Have a cookout
  • Karaoke night!
  • Meet up at the park

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