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Big Hero 6 Premiere

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Disney and my travel and expenses were paid for to attend this event. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

As part of my trip to Los Angeles and red carpet experience, I got a chance to go to the BIG HERO 6 MOVIE PREMIERE. I had the most amazing seats., 2nd row orchestra. Low and behold Ross Lynch and Calum Worthy from the Disney teen show Austin and Allie sat right in front of us.

Big Hero 6 Movie Poster

The movie was set in 3D and it started with a Disney short called Feast. It seems as though Disney is making shorts a tradition and I have to say that this one was pretty cute. I am going to try and give you a review of the movie without giving to much information that might spoil it for you. Big Hero 6, is an action-packed comedy-adventure which was inspired by a Marvel comic of the same name.

It starts out in a city called San Fransokyo, which is a cross between San Francisco and Tokyo. There are, what I would call 6 main characters. Hence, the name Big Hero 6. Hiro, played by Ryan Potter, is a fun loving robotics nerd who ends up becoming friends with 4 college students who work in the same science lab as his brother. Hiro develops a special bond with a plus-sized inflatable robot called Baymax. When an awful event occurs in the city of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to Baymax and his band of high tech hero friends to uncover the mystery using science and technology.

I love how Disney portrayed that it doesn’t matter your size, sex or race. You can be a science nerd and still be a hero. I love how they pretty much said that intelligence is also a super hero strength. While this movie is for kids, I can tell you from experience that adults will love it the same. Disney always does a good job of throwing in some adult humor but still keeping it appropriate for children. This movie is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams.

Big Hero 6

Make sure you stay for the credits for extra scenes that you won’t want to miss.

The Cast:

Hiro – Ryan Potter
Baymax – Scott Adsit
Honey Lemon – Genesis Rodriguez
Go Go Tamago – Jamie Chung
Wasabi – Damon Waynes Jr.
Frank – T. J. Miller

Follow Big Hero 6 on Twitter and Facebook. Big Hero 6 is now playing in a theater near you. You can watch this Big Hero 6 trailer before you hit the theaters for a sneak peak.

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