15 Awesome Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

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A wedding shower is a time to celebrate the impending nuptials of a close friend or family member. While gifts are not required, they are always appreciated. If you're looking for wedding shower hostess gift ideas, consider something practical that the bride-to-be can use on her big day. A nice set of towels or linens is always welcome, as is a pretty vase or picture frame. If you're on a budget, a simple but thoughtful card expressing your well-wishes is sure to be appreciated. Let's look at some shower hostess gift ideas.

Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

For a baby shower, the options are endless. Consider a gift that the new parents can use once the baby arrives, such as a diaper bag or baby clothes. A gift certificate to a local restaurant is also a great idea, as parents of newborns often don't have much time (or energy) to cook. Whatever you choose, be sure to express your congratulations and best wishes to the happy parents-to-be!

From gorgeous flower bouquets to cocktail glasses, here are 15 fabulous shower hostess gift ideas.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils make a great hostess gift. She can wait until the party's over to relax with her favorite scents or get it going immediately at the shower. This gift will surely be a hit no matter when she unwraps it. Essential oils make some of the best gifts because they can promote relaxation and self care.

2. Gift Card

A good hostess gift is one that shows you appreciate the effort your hostess puts into making you feel welcome. A gift card is a great way to do this, as it allows your hostess to choose something that she really wants or needs. If you're not sure what kind of gift card to give, think about your hostess's favorite store or restaurant. You can also consider a gift card for a service such as a spa or salon. Whatever you choose, be sure to include a handwritten note expressing your sincere thanks. Your thoughtfulness will be sure to impress your hostess and make her feel appreciated.

3. Flowers & Chocolates

A bouquet and box of chocolate-covered fruits is a classic, ideal gift. Check out FruitFlowers® for some great sweet treats, flowers, and card combinations. Your hostess can display an arrangement immediately and put out the treats to share or hide them for herself. This is the perfect versatile gift. You could even make it a cute gift basket to be enjoyed on special occasions.

4. An Elegant Vase

Your hostess will likely receive a few bouquets; the more, the merrier! That makes the gift of an elegant vase all the more practical. Pick out one in an exciting color or design. She's sure to find a use for this gift at all of her future events.

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5. Potted Plant

Flowers are always welcome, but sometimes you want something longer-lasting. Potted plants are the perfect gift to bring some life to any home. Pick up the symbolic bamboo plant or money tree to inject some good fortune into their day.

6. Gift Box or Gift Basket

When it comes to best hostess gifts, a gift basket always makes a good impression. It shows that you put some thought into what the recipient would like, and it's always appreciated. But what should you include in the basket? Tea is always a good option, and green tea is especially popular right now. You could also include a few dish towels or olive oil, along with a wine bottle and wine bottle labels. For an extra personal touch, add a few special wine bags to the basket. You could even throw in some of your shower hostesses favorite delicious food. Whatever you choose, a gift basket is sure to please any hostess.

7. Earrings

For a more personal gift, get the hostess a set of earrings to commemorate the event. She will be grateful for such a thoughtful gesture, plus she’ll have something new to wear to her next party.

8.Recipe Journal

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift, how about making your favorite hostess a recipe journal. This is a great gift not only because it's convenient but also because guests will be able to participate. Your hostess can pass it around and ask for everyone on the guest list to share their favorite recipe. You might find your favorite dish at the table during the next dinner party if you're lucky. This is a gift she will be able to cherish for a long time.

9. Candles

Who doesn't love their favorite scent wafting through the house? Pick up a quality candle for your hostess to enjoy. She can light it during the shower or stow it away for personal use once everyone has cleared out. It makes the perfect small gift for a best friend and is always one of the easiest baby shower hostess gifts when can think of what to buy.

10. Coffee

Grab a bag of your hostess's favorite gourmet coffee before you arrive. This is a perfect hostess gift that any coffee-lover will be endlessly grateful for. Your hostess will surely appreciate the gesture and be thankful for the support. You can also pair it with a cute mug. Hosting a shower is a lot of work. It also makes a great gift for a maid of honor.

11. Place-card Holders

Coming up with a seating arrangement can be a headache. Make the process easier for your hostess, or at least more fun, by gifting her some fancy place-card holders. No more folded pieces of paper on the plates. 

12. Custom Apron

A custom apron is a unique gift idea for a hostess. Whether you are looking for a housewarming gift or something to show your appreciation, an apron is sure to be appreciated. Aprons come in a variety of styles and can be customized with a unique design or personal message. If you are looking for a unique gift that is both practical and personal, a custom apron is the perfect choice. It's the perfect way to say thank you and should definately be on the list for great wedding shower host gifts.

13. Spices

When it comes to baby shower hostess gift ideas or appreciation gifts, there are a lot of great options to choose from. But if the hostess is a foodie, then a gift set of spices is a perfect way to show your appreciation. There are many different types of spice gift sets available, so you can find one that fits the hostess's taste. Finally, a set of spices makes an excellent party game prize. The winner of the game can choose their favorite spice to take home with them.

14. Cake Stand

After all her hard work, no hostess wants to place their perfect cake on a plate and leave it out to dry. Instead, get her a covered cake stand to show off her creation. Plus, you can rest assured the dessert will be decadent and moist.

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15. Spa Kit

A spa kit can make a thoughtful and much appreciated hostess gift. It can be as simple as a nice lip balm, bath bomb, colorful body scrub presented in a beautiful glass jar and scented candle. This type of gift is perfect for a baby shower or any other event where you want to show your appreciation to the hostess. It shows that you took the time to thoughtfully put together a personal gift just for her. Plus, who doesn't love a little pampering? A spa kit is an easy and thoughtful way to show your appreciation.

Saying Thank You

Whether you choose fancy table-wear or a more personal gift like house shoes or earrings, a hostess gift is all about saying “thank you.” Hosting a shower is no joke! Give her a gift that stands out, and you're sure to show her how much you care. 

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