How To Transform Your Bathroom into a 5 Star Bathroom

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Imagine show-stopping bathtubs, sweet-smelling miniatures, fluffy white towels and the decadent feeling of warm bubble bath against your skin. Nothing quite beats the indulgent luxury of a five-star hotel bathroom. If your existing bathroom doesn’t reflect that 5-star look & feel, then perhaps it’s time to do some revamp. However, luxury doesn’t just mean price tag or the latest state-of-the-art installations. There are plenty of simple tweaks to transform your bathroom into a truly sumptuous space without the five star bathroom price tag.    

5 star bathroom

Now that we are tapping into healthy homes, it’s very important to create a bathroom space that is both indulgent and relaxing – that can do wonders for our physical and mental well being.

Here’s how it can be done.

  1. Invest in Luxury Towels

Soft, fluffy towels are an absolute essential when it comes to the luxurious, five star feel of a bathroom. Imagine yourself wrapped in a luxurious towel after a long soak in the bath – there really is nothing more indulging and stress-busting. 

  1. Embrace Mood-Boosting Botanicals

Bring the outdoors inside your bathroom with plants and natural textures to create a rustic and natural ambience. Introducing humidity-loving plants is an easy and affordable way to add colour and personality to your bath space. Plus, they help filter toxins out of the air, release natural oils and are even known to reduce stress levels. 

  1. Get Stylish with Storage

Use stylish storage baskets to organise clutter in the bathroom, or display towels on a shelf for that hotel-like look and feel of opulence. For smaller bathroom spaces, consider hiding knick-knacks in under-sink storage, or you can utilise a bare wall by mounting a floating shelf. Choose towels in seasonal colours so you can change them to transform the feel of your bathroom.   

5 star bathroom 2
  1. Use Essential Oils and Candles

No luxury hotel is complete without candles and luxurious scents. Use the calming scents of lavender, peppermint or rosemary essential oils to create your own hotel-like bathroom. Choose scents that reflect your mood and personality, but do not overdo it. Combining mismatched scents in an enclosed space will not only confuse the senses but also ruin your chance to relax.

  1. Consider Creative Lighting

The use of bright, sharp and well positioned lights can add an additional design layer to an otherwise regular bathroom. Consider lighting that doubles up as a feature – from pendant lighting to hanging brass bulbs and chandeliers to lighted mirrors, like the ones at Clearlight Designs. And if you want a cosy lighting effect, choose wall lamps with dimmer switches, warm bulbs, soft floor spotlights, and not to mention, candles galore.

  1. Add Colour

Add a splash of colour to your bathroom walls with bold hues like ink-blue or fern-green, or with safer shades such as pastel pinks or off-white. No matter what size your bathroom is, colours can go a long way in prepping it up. Another good idea is to pair bathroom furniture with patterned tiles to create an illusion of out-of-this-world luxury and charm.

Use these inspiring ideas to create the 5 star bathroom of your dreams!

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