Small Decor Purchases That Can Make Your Home Glow

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If your home is due for a design refresh, pause for a second before planning to invest overwhelmingly on statement furniture or artwork. Elevating the aesthetic decor of an interior does not necessarily mean going big or bold to make a decorative impact. Often, it’s the small details that make a space look and feel special. With things as simple as colorful light bulbs, or new throw pillow, or unique but small decor items, your entire home can feel fresh, on-trend, yet timeless and stylish.    The living room is a great starting point. Check out the home decor ideas for the living room.

home decor living room

Consider making these small purchases that can make a big difference to your home. 


Throw pillows or cushions are the most versatile and inexpensive items to up the wow factor of any home space. All you have to do is switch cushion styles or put a few bright cushions on your sofa or bed, and voila! It’d all feel brand new. Bright colourful cushions can cheer up even the drabbest of decor. Choose different colours, shades and textures but make sure the colours work well together. 

Removable Wallpaper

Patterned wallpapers can create a statement in any room, even if it’s used only on a wall or ceiling. The recent trend of removable wallpapers makes it quick, easy and fun for homeowners to spruce up room decor without spending a fortune. The best part is there are numerous options available in the market and the wallpapers can be easily removed just by peeling away from the wall. 

Photo Frames

Personalize your home decor by using printed photos of you and loved ones framed in creative ways. You can create a gallery wall to showcase a collection of photo frames, or mix and match frames in different hues and textures to create a brilliant mishmash of patterns. Think outside the box and consider putting up a vertical panel of pictures that tell a story. 


Mirrors are an excellent item of home decor and can transform the look of drab corners or plain hallways. Placing a wall mirror strategically can accentuate space, make a small space look larger, or brighten up a room immensely.  Add foyer mirrors, antique mirrors, end-to-end mirrors, or even floor-to-ceiling mirrors to add a touch of drama to your home space. 

Small Sculpture

Add small colourful sculptures and ceramic knick knacks to style a book shelf or coffee table. The way you display a sculpture or artwork determines whether it becomes just a superfluous accessory, or it stylishly complements your room’s ambience.     

home decor living room

A Lighting Statement

If you are looking for ways to refresh your space, use modern light fixtures in every room to create a statement. Consider layered lighting, or go for unique, decorative lampshades to add drama and design to your home. 


Wicker or woven baskets are perfect for storing all kinds of things — kitchen napkins, clothes, towels, toys, toiletries…the list is endless. But their simple aesthetics also act as a subtle backdrop in any interior. You can get unique baskets from Papaya to add a warm and cosy vibe to your space while also making the most of their multipurpose nature.

Are you ready to give your home a stylish makeover without going bankrupt? Try these home decor ideas for the living room today! 

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