5 ways to Transform Your Kitchen with Lighting

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When trying to do a kitchen remodel it can be an exhausting task. Learn 5 easy ways to to transform your kitchen with different types of lighting. Many of these are simple and do not require drastic changes.

transform your kitchen with lighting

For many of us, the kitchen is far from just a place for dining – it is the social epicentre of our homes. This has implications for much of our kitchen décor schemes and definitely the lighting. Just a few changes to how your kitchen is illuminated can make a big difference to its ambience, pleasantness, and ease of use.

So, if you’re looking to refresh your kitchen’s appearance with lighting, what simple steps might you take?

Adopt a Flexible Control System

Kitchen lighting takes many different forms, which enables it to perform many different functions. That means you might sometimes wish to flick on some lights while turning off others, to create a certain mood.
If your current kitchen light switch arrangements don’t give you much scope to control the room’s mood lighting separately from its task lighting, a more flexible control system might be one of the first investments you make.

Make the Most of the Magic of Pendants

farmhouse pendant lights

Pendant lighting is ideal for use in the kitchen as it helps to break up the uniformity of the rest of the room. It also serves as a clear focal point when placed directly above key kitchen features such as islands and dining areas.
Brands like ARTCRAFT offer a variety of pendant styles to suit your kitchen space and the ‘vibe’ you’re aiming for. Be sure to consider placement and proportions – for example, ensure that you will have a clear line of sight beneath whichever pendants you choose to install.

Install Task Lighting Under the Cupboards

under cabinet lights

We touched on task lighting above; it’s key to helping the users of a kitchen to safely focus on certain tasks. Having your task lighting fitted beneath your kitchen cupboards and above a sink, chopping board or hub can constitute good use of space.

LED under-cupboard lighting or small, compact fluorescents should fufill the need for both elegance and practicality. But make sure they’re positioned as close as possible to the cupboard’s front edge –
otherwise, there’s a risk that you’ll end up illuminating only the back of the worktop.

Tap into the Potential of Natural Daylight to Transform Your Kitchen

Remember that artificial light isn’t the only important form of illumination for a kitchen. Natural light has its own quality, and getting more of it into your kitchen can help to minimise your dependence on artificial light during the day.

So, if your kitchen space allows, think about how natural light can be made to work harmoniously with artificial light. You might rearrange key furniture or even have floor-to-ceiling doors or windows installed that enable natural light to flood in.

Introduce Pops of Your Favorite Color

When you’re comparing light fixtures for potential use in your kitchen, their color might not be the very first thing you think of. But why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s just one more way in which a light fitting can add visual interest to your space by helping to make the kitchen feel warmer and soothing and not cold and clinical.

So, whether you favor brightly painted pendants with immediate visual impact or perhaps metallic fixtures that give off more of an industrial look, don’t neglect color. It’s a great way to coordinate your lighting with the rest of your kitchen’s décor scheme.

What are your preferred touches for injecting extra life into a kitchen through lighting? Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions below on how you transform your kitchen with easy fixes.

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