The Advantages of eBooks for Student’s Education

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Changes in technology can be felt in every sector of global economies including the education sector. Authors, printers and publishers are coming up with new ways to make learning materials easily accessible to students worldwide. 

One of the easy ways they have devised is the use of e-books. Although the new system is yet to be embraced by all schools and governments, it’s quickly being adopted by many players in the education department. The importance of e-books exceeds the cons and both the teachers and students have recognized their usefulness in learning. There are so many ways to get ebooks now including ebooks on Amazon.

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Usually, students carry a load of text and exercise books according to the number of subjects they are learning each day. A large number of books becomes a burden to the students, which they have to bear with as long as they are in school. 

All e-books can fit into a single memory card, flash disk, portable drive or computer. When all subjects are consolidated into one e-storage, the burden of carrying a load of books daily is taken away. 


The old system of hard copy books limits the student’s accessibility to learning materials. The students need to carry their books with them to extract some notes from the books. 

If the student forgets a certain textbook, they will not keep pace with the teacher. Some of the textbooks can only be accessed from the school’s library or the community library, meaning the student must physically visit the library to access information. With the development of e-books, the student can access the books from any location.  Many colleges have books that can be found as ebooks on Amazon both new and used.

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E-books are less expensive

The process of preparing a hard paper textbook is long. The author takes time preparing the syllabus or book, then hands it over to a publisher to print. The final product will bear a double cost because the publisher and the author need to make a profit. 

To capture profit margins for each, the authorship and publishing costs are both transferred to the student. Beyond the two, there is another profit for the bookseller, which makes the final cost very high. 

When e-books are adopted, the publishing and bookshop costs are eliminated, leaving the student to pay only the author’s cost. That means the student can buy more books with less money. I often find discounted ebooks on Amazon

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E-books can accommodate varying teaching styles

The hard copy books are restricted to only two learning styles – pictorial and written content. Both the teacher and the student are limited to only these two styles of learning. E-books are different because they can accommodate every style of teaching and learning

Students using e-books can learn by reading written content, view pictures, watch videos, and listen to audiobooks. When all the four methods of teaching and learning are integrated, learning becomes easy and students grab the concepts easily. 

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E-books can be updated easily

Students who went to schools up to the 1990s were taught about nine planets which included Pluto as a planet. Later, scientists discovered Pluto was a Dwarf Planet and removed it from the list of Planets. 

To date, many hard copy textbooks still show Pluto as a planet. The reason is that the textbooks had already been printed and they could not be updated unless they were destroyed and fresh ones printed. 

Because of cost implications, hard copy textbooks cannot be updated immediately. The publishers have to wait until several more discoveries and changes are made before they print updated versions. 

If the schools were using e-books from the beginning, it could have been very easy to update. The curriculum developers would just change that one section and updated the entire book. 


Books disseminate knowledge and are useful in teaching learners from the basic level to higher education. Accessibility of information is essential in fast pacing the skills of learning. E-books can be available in different formats including audio, video, pictorial and written content. The usefulness of e-books in the education system cannot be underestimated. Apart from the benefit of lower cost and ease of updating, e-books can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Check out the many ebooks on Amazon.

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