Free Online Educational Videos for Preschoolers

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If you are looking for kids free educational games you have come to the right place! we have scoured the web for some of the best free Free Online Educational Videos for Preschoolers and we have listed them out for you below!

Free Online Educational Videos for Preschoolers

You can watch them all right on our blog without ever leaving!

While schools are out, it's important to keep those little ones busy. Playing outside is our favorite thing to do, of course, but every now and then we have to take a break and have some quiet time.

For kiddos who are past the napping stage, it's nice to sit and read or let them have some screen time to help unwind. It's so helpful to be able to let them have time on the tablet or iPad, but we also have to be careful to monitor what website we watch videos on. Kids can so easily click away into other websites of course.

We've rounded up a few fun preschooler favorites to watch right here on the blog. Hope this can help provide something easily accessible your preschooler can watch!

When School Gets Cancelled!

YouTube video

Brandon Bear's teddy bear kindergarten has been canceled and him and Miss Persona must stay inside for a while. Even though they may feel a little worried, they dance and learn all the ways they can be helpful by being a superhero! A kid-friendly PSA about self-isolation from Miss Persona!

Back to School with Franklin Special

YouTube video

Summer vacation was fun, but now Franklin can’t wait to get back to class. Finally, the first day of school arrives and Mr. Owl’s students get a big surprise! A mysterious substitute teacher named Miss Koala has replaced Mr. Owl, and nobody knows when he’ll be back.

Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood – How Children Grow and Develop Each Day (2 HOURS!)

YouTube video

No matter what you do each day, there's always something to learn along the way! Join Daniel and his friends as they sing, play and grow through new experiences

Learning Songs | ABCs, Colors, 123s, Growing-up And More! | Preschool Songs | From LittleBabyBum!

YouTube video

This one is great for learning your ABC, 123's and Colors through song. I also love section where it talks about going on the potty! You can thank me later for this one lol!

Disney's Mickey Mouse Preschool

YouTube video

If you kids love Mickey and Minnie they will love Disney's Mickey Mouse Preschool! Educational, Preschool game for kids. Learn the difference between Big and Small and more.

Use Polite Words (Signing Savvy) S3 E23

YouTube video

Teaching your kids how to be polite by using polite words such as ,please, thank you, excuse me and How do you do? Use polite words! It also includes sign language in the bottom left hand of the screen.

Berenstain Bears – Let's Talk about the Weather

YouTube video

The Berenstain Bears are a wholesome bear family and today they are discussing the weather.

WonderGrove Kids – Washing Your Hands

YouTube video

Germs are everywhere and today the WonderGrove Kids are teaching us about germs and bacteria and how to wash your hands properly!

Learning to Clean Up with Barney

YouTube video

It's fun to play with our toys! But we can't forget to do our part and clean up after ourselves. Cleaning up is easy if everyone does their part and it shows that we care about or toys when we take care of them.

Sharing is Caring:

YouTube video

The children are bringing toys to the park to donate to Mr. Boyd's toy drive. They decide to have fun playing with some of the toys one last time. Sharing a delicious snack and acting out a special story about sharing help to convince Baby Bop about the merits of sharing – so much so that she shares one of her favorite toys and feels great about it!

We hope you enjoyed these kids free educational games and Online Educational Videos for Preschoolers. Let us know if you have other favorites. We will be making more age appropriate posts as well. You can also check out these free online educational videos on Amazon Prime.


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