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The Art of Story #FireandRescueEvent

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Draw planes

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Disney and my trip was paid for.

I have never been an artist, in the sense of drawing or painting. I mean, I'm pretty good at stick figures but nothing more beyond that. However my daughter dabbles in it. I catch her doodling all the time. While I was in LA we visited Disney Consumer Products Glendale campus where we visited Disney Toon Studios for the Plane #FireandRescueEvent.


We were separated into 4 groups so that we could all participate in a different activity at the same time. In one of the activities I participated in we met with Art Hernandez and Lawrence Gong who talked about how they drew characters and put them into play. How you can bring something like an airplane and give it a character? The emotions and expressions come through in their facial features.

My Drawing

We even got a personal drawing lesson where we sat down and got a walk through on how to draw the character Dipper played by Julie Bowen from Modern Family. He took us step by step. I can tell you my eraser got a workout lol! I was pretty impressed though on how it turned out.

Planes Fire and Rescue opens in theaters July 18th.

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