Proper Etiquette for Sending Funeral Flowers

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Often, words aren’t enough to convey your feelings to someone who has lost a loved one. Flowers, like in most cases, can speak volumes and express your deepest emotions in a beautiful way, bringing a sense of calm and comfort to the sad occasion.  

However, the act of sending funeral flowers involves certain etiquettes. Let Pearsons Florist decode some of them for you. 

Funeral Flowers

When and where to send them?

You can either send flowers to the funeral home or to the family of the deceased. The latter, however, may be the best way to go about it if it’s the death of someone close or you know their family and wish to extend a more intimate gesture. 

When sending flowers to the funeral home, it’s good to have them delivered before the viewing hours so they can be displayed during the services. But if you’ve missed sending flowers in time for the funeral services, don’t worry — you can still send them to the family to express your condolences.    

What type of floral arrangement to choose?

Not all floral arrangements are meant to be treated the same, and what you send will depend on your relationship with the deceased. There are some, like casket covers, wreaths, sprays, and inside pieces that are reserved for immediate family members. Close friends may send standing sprays and centerpieces, while bouquets, gift baskets, and live plants are the best options for co-workers and acquaintances.    

casket flowers

When are funeral flowers not appropriate? 

Sending flowers on the occasion of someone’s death is widely accepted as a standard practice, but there could be cases where it might not be a good idea. For example, if the family of the deceased has explicitly requested donations in place of flowers. 

Also, while most faiths and cultures accept flowers as a part of their mourning ceremonies, some like Jewish and Islamic faiths don’t traditionally welcome flowers for such occasions. Therefore, it’s best to ask someone from the family before sending floral gifts. Or, better still, opt for fruit baskets

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Which flowers to choose?

Finally, the most common question of all: Which flowers are appropriate for the occasion? 

While there’s no hard and fast rule, a thoughtful choice of flowers can beautifully convey your intended message. Here’s what some of the most popular funeral flowers represent. 

  • White lilies symbolise peace, purity, and sympathy 
  • Gladiolus stands for honesty, moral integrity, and strength of character
  • Yellow roses represent friendship, while you can express your reverence through white roses  
  • Red roses are a universal symbol of love, but they also convey respect and grief for the departed soul
  • Orchids, white azalea, and gardenias bring grace and beauty to the sad occasion and can soothe the grieving soul.

If the deceased person had a favourite flower and colour, you can have a bouquet arranged keeping that in mind. It can be lovely personal tribute to the dead and be very comforting for the bereaved.

Funeral flowers not only express your feelings for the departed, but also add a deep meaning to the bereavement. And, sending them thoughtfully is a lovely way of showing your sympathy and support.   

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