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Need a few tips to improve your laundry routine? We have you covered with this Gain Ultra Coupon and Laundry Symbols Guide!

Melissa with Gain Ultra Flings

Gain Ultra Flings Coupon

I am so excited about this post, since I have a couple good things to share for FREE! We have a great Gain ULTRA Flings coupon available, and some great tips and hacks for the laundry room.

If you're like me, you might need a few great tips, laundry room ideas, and coupons to keep you motivated! We have a lot of laundry during the spring and summer due to the fact we are outdoors a lot and head to the pool as often as we can.

Printable Laundry Symbols

First, make sure to get your coupon! You can save on these Gain Ultra Flings, specifically designed for large loads.

When I first saw these at the store I had to think these were made just for us. I am known to fit in as much laundry into a load as I can while ensuring they are all clean and dry. I don't want to make two loads out of one–if it can all fit in the washer!

We do have a large capacity washer as I am sure many readers do as well. With the larger washers on the market and in more and more homes, Gain is responding to the need for a product made for larger loads.

Melissa with Gain Ultra Flings Laundry Room

What's Different About Gain Ultra Flings

If you’re wondering what specifically is different about the Gain Ultra Flings, here’s a quick intro! The Gain Ultra Flings are made for larger loads, as I mentioned. They contain twice as much OXI Boost and Febreeze compared to the original Gain Flings, and 3X the scent power! I love the Febreeze Scents in my laundry —it’s  actually one of the main reasons I buy Gain, so this is perfect for us.

The Gain Ultra Flings dissolve completely in the laundry, just like the original, so you don’t have to worry about finding a glob of detergent somewhere in the clothes after the washer finishes. That’s happened to me on bargain brands before but I haven’t ever had issues with Gain Flings.  I also appreciate they work in all HE machines, since I know many of you readers have HE machines.

Gain flings

It's great to know that there will be enough detergent to have our clothing clean and smelling great, while not using extra Flings on each load. Ultimately, no more wondering, are we adding too much detergent?

gain coupon

I hope you can try these Gain Ultra Flings soon. If there's one thing that encourages me to try a new product, it's a great coupon! You can find your printable coupon here for $2 off one Gain Flings 30ct or Larger or Gain Ultra Flings 18ct or larger. (excludes Gain Liquid/Powder Laundry Detergent)

FREE Laundry Symbols Printable

The next thing I am so excited about sharing is this great printable I made right here at Consumer Queen! Scroll down to download yours today.

Gain Ultra Flings

Other Laundry Tips You Need to Know:

So, if you've printed your Gain ULTRA Flings Coupon and your Laundry Symbols Chart, take a moment to hang around and read a few other hacks and ideas for your laundry room.

Gain Ultra Flings

Keep the Laundry Room Safe as Well as Functional- 

Keep your laundry detergent safely stored! You might think about this more often if you have small children at home. Right now there are a lot of cute ideas out there for storing your detergents, but to us safety comes first!

I was glad to see the Gain ULTRA Flings larger containers feature a Child-Guard press and turn lid.

For storing my detergent, I am more comfortable leaving them right in this container rather than adding them to a glass dish or decorative container. Even though we don't have kids at home any more, we do have church members and friends visit and I don't want to have to worry about if my detergent is accessible to a little one!

Invest in Some Cute Decor

Gain Ultra Flings

Since I'm not recommending putting your detergent in a fun decorative container, my tip is to add personality to the walls and spaces in the laundry room!

When you think about it, however, we all spend a good amount of time in this tiny area of the house!

I've been doing some research lately and have been inspired to make my laundry room look a little warmer and more welcoming, much like the rest of my house!

Here are a few easy (and inexpensive) ideas:

  • Add a little greenery! Artificial or actual plants will both work!
  • If needed, add a fun curtain over the window, either light or with a pop of color.
  • Bright and airy, or rustic wall art.
  • Use a decorative storage bin. 
  • Reduce visual clutter- especially tools, pantry supplies and “junk” or paper stacks.

These ideas and more can make the laundry room a more pleasant are of the house. I was excited to find the fun farmhouse style bucket shown on my own washer.

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you can use this Gain ULTRA Flings Coupon and this new printable! See more Lifestyle posts at Consumer Queen!

Printable Laundry Symbols Guide

We've all seen those odd symbols on clothing tags. Some are pretty self explanatory– for example– the iron. Easy enough. But then you notice a series of boxes with dots and a few other unrecognizable symbols after that.

Chances are, you end up guessing at the fabric care and toss the clothing into the washer! This may work for the most part, but with higher end clothing pieces and older articles, eventually improper laundering will take its toll! Here's where our FREE Laundry Symbols chart comes in.

Print this out at link below, and either toss into the drawer in the laundry room to have handy, or frame and hang it up as a cute Laundry Room art piece! Get your free printable here!

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