Fun Things for Kids to Do to Build Confidence

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If you're searching for fun things for kids to do, and looking for something that will help build confidence, see these ideas!

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Confidence is one of the most important tools you can help your child build to succeed. But how do you help them build it? Here are a few hobbies, exercises, and activities that can help!

Team sports

Whether it’s at school, in the neighborhood, or at a local recreation or sports center, team sports brings a host of benefits to children. First of all, team sports can help them get more active and put to good use the bundle of energy that can be hard for a parent to handle otherwise.

Sports can also teach your children how to participate as a member of the team, to co-operate with their teammates, and how to both win and lose gracefully. What’s more, team sports are the perfect opportunity for you as a parent to learn how to support your child in a healthy and fulfilling manner. You can encourage your child as you take them to practices, watch their games, and cheer them on, and they can always see their parents are present. Meanwhile, they are part of a team and learning to listen to instructions from the coach and other adults– an important skill! Smaller kids can also learn self confidence as their parents are present and visible, but not right there by their side.

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There are plenty of children who might like to get active, to get out, to explore, and to play, but who might not like sports. It’s important for parents to learn to not try and fit every child into the model of a team player that is often our go-to when finding fun things to do.

An activity such as bicycling can be just as good for them, but the process of learning to ride a bike also helps them get competent at a new skill which, in turn, helps them gain more confidence in general. Cycling with your child is the best way to turn this into a hobby that they’re likely to stick to, and as they get older you can explore more routes as you go.

Some tips for cycling as a family are to choose a relaxing time of day, such as early evening. Make sure each person has a safe and secure helmet. For toddlers, a bike trailer is a fun way to ensure everyone in the family can join in! And, make sure kids know road rules and right of way. Keep to less busy streets and bike lanes where available. As they get older, kids can always join in on trail rides and longer cycling tracks.


Much like cycling, swimming is a way of getting active in a fun and engaging environment without having to participate in team sports. It's also a valuable skill that may be life-saving! Children can naturally have some fear of the water but helping them with swimming classes for kids can help them learn to overcome this fear. It can also be a fun new skill they love doing.

There are plenty of fun activities that can be enhanced by the ability to swim, such as going to the beach and participating in watersports and waterparks, all of which can help your child socialize and enjoy parties and events. Many areas have swimming lessons year around, so be sure to check into swim lessons even in winter months if you are looking for fun things for kids to do after the holidays.


There are plenty of ways to help build your child’s confidence in the home, as well. Baking and cooking are excellent skills they will make good use of throughout life.

There are plenty of online baking courses for kids, including free video tutorial options that can make it accessible, so long as you have the baking starter set of tools you need. As they get more competent with one recipe, you can start moving on, baking new and exciting things with them, letting them handle more and more of the process.

Drama clubs and acting

There are few things that can be more frightening than the idea of getting up on center stage. However, the arts are an amazing way to bring out your child's creativity and confidence. There are likely to be drama clubs at school that your child can join, but kid’s drama clubs are also available outside of school.

Drama clubs can take away the pressure of being seen practicing their new hobby at school if your child hesitant about being the center of attention. Helping your child gain the ability to express themselves can help them become tremendously self-confident.


Music Lessons, Band, and Orchestra

Becoming a musician of any instrument involves performing much like joining any drama club, but the emphasis is focused on learning the instrument. You can easily find music lessons for children online to get started. This can can even include working with an instructor via video classes or even Zoom classes. Learning a musical instrument can also teach a range of very useful skills to your child. Patience, trying something repeatedly to get it, and the knowledge of music composition and theory as they get more competent can all help with building confidence.

Vacation to Somewhere New

A child doesn’t always have to learn a skill to gain confidence. New experiences are a great way to build confidence, and of course give the family something to look forward to as well. Some ideas are going camping, visiting a nearby city, or even just exploring your local area.

Find new experiences like museums, art galleries, and other places that you might not have been before. You can broaden your child’s horizons with educational destinations. Some ideas are Washington, D.C, the Alamo in San Antonio, St. Louis, and of course New England.

Travel can help them find topics and art that they are passionate about– especially for tweens and teens. It can also give a sense of just how big the world is and how much there is to explore and discover. For travel inspiration, head over to our travel page, Roaming My Planet.

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Thanks for Reading!

There is more to building confidence than exposing children to new things, teaching them new skills, and helping them express themselves. However, the above hobbies and activities can go a long way in helping them build the belief they need in themselves to thrive. We hope this list of fun things to do for kids has helped inspire some new ideas for your own family.

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