8 Tips for Planning your Garden with 3D Exterior Rendering

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These days, planning a garden doesn't only mean thinking about what plants and vegetables you want. Gardens can now act as outdoor entertainment, relaxation, and cooking areas. See these tips for using 3D Exterior Rendering in your planning process.

Planning a garden involves thinking about what you want to use the space for and dividing it into different use areas such as an outdoor dining area, pool and sundeck, vegetable garden, or just a small area for drinks and a chat. 

Traditionally, gardens are areas for growing flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees as the sole purpose. It's important to think about what your garden will be used for, especially at various times of year.

You may have a flat area or a garden that slopes. Whatever your challenges and opportunities, exterior rendering can help you with your planning.

1.   Starting with a 2D plan

As a first step, your 3D exterior rendering company will visit your site and take photographs of your terrain and your home in order to create a 2D plan. If they are unable to visit your site, they can use satellite imagery and mobile applications to gather the information they need. You can use a mobile app to upload images from a number of angles, which the 3D exterior rendering company can use to generate a 3D model of your home and its surroundings.

Exterior 3D rendering services use landscaping software to create an accurate 2D layout of your gardening project. 

2.   Giving the 2D Plan Life with 3D Exterior Rendering

Once this is complete, the designer uses 3D landscape design software to proceed with the design of the garden, which is done in 3D. These 3D exterior renderings include aspects like driveways, decks, patios, pathways, flowerbeds, lawns, trees, and shrubs.

3D exterior visualization services use landscape design software with enormous material and furnishing libraries, including elements such as outdoor decks, garden furniture, retaining walls, fire pits, dining areas, patios, outdoor kitchens, and anything else you can think of.

Most exterior software for landscaping has thousands of surface coverings to choose from. These surface coverings include outdoor tiles, pavers, flagstone, gravel, wood, brick, and more to create landscapes that match virtually any architectural style.

3.   Leveraging the vast object libraries of landscaping software

Landscaping software offers a catalog with thousands of customizable furnishings and exterior design features, garden furniture, garden ornaments, sheds, pergolas, swings, and other playground items, etc. You can use this as a time-saving tool to avoid multiple trips to the store, or searching internet or social media for inspiration. Of course, it can also save money by avoiding costly changes in your plan after items are purchased.

4.   Make use of the extensive vegetation libraries

3D exterior design rendering services use software with extensive vegetation libraries that have the plants you want for your garden. It can also be helpful with suggestions for similar plants. Designers can easily remove or add a tree, shrub, patch of grass, flower bed, or potted plant. THis allows you to instantly see if what you have in mind will actually work in reality.

edible garden- plan with 3D Exterior Rendering

5.   See how your garden will look in a couple of years

3D exterior rendering services can produce renderings that show how different plants grow over time – whether they will get much taller, look very different from season to season and how much they might spread out. In this way, you can avoid planting something that may cause problems later on. In fact, the software can give you a clear indication of what your garden will look like in every season over a couple of years.

6.   Get the ambiance right with customized lighting

Well-chosen exterior lighting can create a wonderful atmosphere at night, turning your garden into a magical place. 3D exterior rendering services can use their software to create renderings that clearly show the effect of the exterior lighting you have chosen. You then have the choice to try out other options to find the best one for your needs.

7.   Make use of software solutions to speed up the design process

Depending on the software the 3D exterior rendering services are using, designers can use special design features that utilize packs of furnishings, landscaping objects, plants, garden furniture, etc. to speed up the design process.  

8.   Visualize Your Garden at Different Sun Angles with 3D Exterior Rendering

Landscaping software allows designers to set the sun's orientation in the sky, so homeowners can see how the garden will look at different times of the day. This feature may lead to a wall being moved or a tree planted in a different spot. 

Since paint and decor colors vary in different amounts of light, this is a valuable tool to ensure you pick the shade and tones of tiles, outdoor furniture, and wood accents that you love.

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