See 10 Reasons to Grow Basil In The Garden!

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See 10 Reasons to Grow Basil In The Garden!

10 Reasons to Grow Basil

Each year we have a garden and I have to say, Basil is one of my favorite things to plant! It's easy to care for, and is actually great to have around other plants, too. (See below).  If you know you want herbs in the garden or are even thinking of maybe a potted plant garden since you're limited on space, basil is a nice option to include.  

You can check out my Top 10 Reasons to Grow Basil, but the fun of gardening is that you can make it your own.  I love having a mix of flowers and fresh veggies each spring.  

If you're not a green thumb, don't worry. There are plenty of hardy plant options you can choose that will be a little more resilient to those days you forgot to water or the heat was a little too much for it.  Just start small and get an idea of how much work you will be putting into it.  I'm sure you will find it's well worth the effort!  Read more about Basil below!

My Top Reasons to Grow Basil:

Basil is Great for Companion Planting:

Basil is another one of those plants (like Marigolds) which prevent worms in the soil from proliferating.  Tomato Horn-worms do not like basil, so it's a great little companion plant to keep your tomato plants growing well.  It may also improve tomato flavor! Win win!

Basil Plant

There are So Many Varieties to Choose From:

There are actually over 60 varieties of basil! This sounds a bit overwhelming, but we typically choose the sweet basil varieties that are found in Italian cuisine.  You can also look up Thai basil, Christmas, cinnamon, lemon, lime, and and spicy bush varieties to see if any of these interest you!

Great for Container Planting:

Of course not all of us gardeners have a large planting area! For this reason, Basil is ideal to plant. It grows well in pots, which can brighten up a small lawn or porch area. Even an apartment balcony!  Queen Mum found these fun pots at Dollar Tree!

Attracts Bees and Butterflies:

I love to sit outside when the weather permits, and of course I love to see butterflies around.  Basil can attract bees (always great for your local environment) and butterflies.

10 Reasons to Grow Basil

Make your Own Pesto:

Homemade Pesto Sauce Pinterest

If you are buying store pesto, you know quality can vary and it's pricey! Skip the store-bought and make your own easily with your blender.  Don't worry, you can freeze pesto in an ice cube tray to be ready when you need it.  See an easy recipe here.

Rich in Nutrients including Vitamin K:

We've all been told to increase those leafy green veggies! Personally I get tired of spinach and especially Kale, so Basil is a great alternative to include in your diet now and then.

Add Basil to Many Recipes:

Easy Garlic Basil Chicken (1 of 1)


Check out these recipes using basil below:

JASCO ENBRIGHTEN Landscape Lights Deck (1 of 1)

Basil Keeps Away Mosquitoes:

Oklahoma summers are notorious for mosquitoes, and we have some not-so-nice mosquito borne illnesses to watch out for, too.  For this reason I wanted as many mosquito-repelling plants my garden would allow!! I decided to Grow Basil because it has so many practical uses and also repels mosquitoes. For this use, choose lemon or possibly cinnamon basil varieties.

Save on the Price of Fresh Herbs:

This is a big one for me.  I love including fresh (and organic) herbs in my recipes when I can. But often they are well over $3-4 for just one bunch at the grocery store! Growing your own basil is not only more economical, but you can plant organic if you wish!

Good Seed Starter Plant:

Unlike many herbs, Basil is easy to successfully grow from seeds. Consider starting them in a biodegradable egg carton, or small box.  You can nurture them indoors until the seedlings are ready to go into the garden.  This is also a great way to get the kids involved.   Last year Princess Rebekah had some nice basil seedlings growing just from seed packets! Fun!

You can find seeds for $1 at Dollar Tree and Dollar General during the spring months.

Thanks For Reading! ~The Consumer Queen

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