Kids Bedroom Designs for Small Spaces

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Looking for Kids Bedroom Designs for Small Spaces? Wether you're working with a small room or small space, we are going to go over some children bedroom ideas that will help your transform your child's room.

kids bedroom designs for small spaces

Decorating Your Walls:

Kids Bedroom Designs for Small Spaces can be achieved by sticking to a few key principles. First, kids rooms are all about the kids and we want them to feel right at home so making sure you incorporate their personality into your designs is crucial.

Kids love different colors, patterns and excitement that's why decorating with kid-friendly wall stickers such as murals that match your child’s personality. Typically with the main living spaces in the house, we tend to go for more muted colors and neutrals. However, kids often prefer fun colors! Don't be afraid to go for the lighter, brighter, and more colorful options.

Kids also love to express themselves which is why having a place for them to hang pictures of their family and friends will create that homey feel. We like the idea of grouping photos, special paintings and other art in one area of the room as a focal point.

kids room wallpaper -Kids Bedroom Designs for Small Spaces

Kids Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces: Using Wallpaper

Another easy way to upgrade your child's walls is kids room wallpaper. Kids room wallpaper can give your child's bedroom that personalized touch. Choosing a design will depend on your child's age as well as if you will be decorating girls' bedrooms or a boys room. For a little boy's room you might choose you might choose a primary color with dump trucks, tractors or a favorite character like Paw Patrol.

One thing to be wary of when choosing wallpaper or more permanent design elements is not to choose a theme your child will outgrow in just a few months or years. Wallpaper can be one of the larger investments in redecorating a child's room, so be sure the wallpaper is fun yet neutral. Plan your décor so that it will last 1-2 years at minimum!

Chalkboards and Chalkboard Paint

Another great idea for a kids' room is using chalkboard paint. Kids love their own space and it’s important that they have the opportunity to express themselves through decorating. Kids' room chalkboard paint is a great way for your child to personalize their walls and can even be used in play areas when they are not using the space as much. For girl's bedrooms you might choose unicorns, cute animals, florals or even a fairy garden. Neutral colors might be good for an older kids’ room.

You have a few options with chalkboard paint. One is to paint the actual wall space and another is to frame a chalkboard. If you're not sure how well the chalkboard will be used in the room, we recommend the latter. You can replace it with other décor options later if needed.

kids book shelf -Kids Bedroom Designs for Small Spaces

The Clean and Airy Look

One thing we recommend when choosing kids bedroom designs for small spaces is to keep your style clean and minimal. If your not into colorful walls and you are into a more clean white walls look for your kids’ bedroom that's ok too.

White, off white, or a subtle gray base color works well here for the walls. Try just hanging pictures or shelves on the wall with decorative items that can be changed out as they transition into the teen years.

Using a light color can also make the room seem bigger. You can find some great inspiration for different ages at Pottery Barn Kids. I've always thought they had good taste when it comes to decorating. Don't be afraid to let older kids help with the decorating process. Don't forget you can use Pinterest or magazines for a little bit of inspiration. Remember, you can take your inspiration from some of the higher end brands, but then decorate with alternatives to fit your budget!

Use Plants and Greenery

Some of my favorite kids' room inspiration comes from regular living space decor! Right now, we are seeing a lot of use of black and whites, against naturals of stone, wood tones, and lots of greenery. You can use real plants or fake ones– for small children's rooms be sure to use safe options with no risk of them getting into plants or eating any part of it! There are also lots of fun options to hang plants from the walls or ceiling. Think outside the box to add these natural elements!

Getting your wall design and color scheme done first will help you with decorating the rest of the room. Kid’s bedroom design shouldn't be complicated and stressful. So have fun with the overall design. Some of the most beautiful children’s room are very simplistic.

Choosing the Right Furniture:

Now let's talk about kids' furniture. We are going to go over some small kids room ideas that are functional and fun. First, you'll want to look at the available space and start with the main piece of furniture which is the bed. Does your child have their own space or will this be a shared bedroom?

loft bed

If it's a shared room and you're a larger family than a wall of bunk beds might work for you. Just remember that smaller children do better on the bottom bunk and older kids on the top bunk to help prevent accidents and falls. You'll also want a good mattress.

If your child’s room will be a single kid's room you might try the traditional twin bed or maybe even a loft bed or raised bed. Twin beds work well for rooms with just a little more space. My daughter had a loft bed with a playhouse underneath that also had a school desk. She loved sleeping on top and they playhouse underneath was a great space saver. You can options for full and half loft beds at most furniture stores.

One you have chosen your bed you may want to think about a chest of drawers. You can choose something simple or something with a different style and flare. Just make sure it's functional and has good storage.

What to Avoid:

Many kids' furniture stores have all the fun furniture pieces with slides, forts, tents, and more. We would recommend avoiding these for kids bedroom designs for small spaces for several reasons. First, your child may trip over the slide or ladder if they are sticking way out into the room. They minimize open floor space as well. Additionally, if the child outgrows the furniture features like a fort or tent, it's just that much more clutter inside a small space!

Don't forget a simple window treatment can do a lot for children's rooms with a tiny space. For a little girl's room you can string some fairy lights across the top for some ambiance. Again, plants are a nice feature for either gender or a gender neutral space.

If your child's room is smaller than normal and you're worried about how to fit everything in, Kids Bedroom Designs for Small Spaces don't have to mean all the furniture has to match or that it needs a bed and a desk. Kids are surrounded by technology, so don't be afraid to let it influence you design as well. Kids bedroom ideas can include lighting fixtures with USB charging ports or built-in shelves with outlets to charge their devices.

Get Creative with Organization:

Do you have space issues in your kid’s room? Smaller rooms may not have a lot of storage space but today we are going talk about several smart solutions can be a challenge for kids can get quite a few clothes and it's important to have proper storage. Take a look at your wall space. You can use cute shelves to keep breakables out of reach of young kids. They are also a good place to hold family photos, awards and more to create extra space. Target has a lot of options for wall shelving on their Pillowfort Line, and most are very affordable and neutral!

under bed storage

Extra Storage Ideas

Don't forget that you can utilize plastic storage bins on rollers for under the bed storage. You could also make your own rolling drawers. This is my go to for extra storage because it looks cute and the kids aren't shoving stuff under their bed that I can't reach! You'll see this in a lot of kids' bedroom designs on Pinterest. It's the perfect place to store extra sheets and blankets. If you have the extra room you should definitely make good use of this space.

Also, go up! Storage up near the ceiling is ideal for clothing and items that aren't used in the current season. I always stored snow boots, heavy coats, and other off-season items up at the top of the closet space. One tip is to avoid using cardboard for storage since it can draw bugs! Yikes! Those little spaces in corrugated cardboard? Yep- those can hide creepy crawlies. Instead, opt for non-disposable storage such as plastic bins, storage baskets (also available on Target and Amazon) and even space saving bags as needed.

Kids storage - kids bedroom designs for small spaces

Storing Those Toys!

Kids are also known for having lots of toys which you'll want to make sure is easily accessible but not taking up the entire floor space! Not everyone has the option to have a play area or play space. Try getting creative with storage drawers they can be fun accents with bright colors or clear so that you can easily see what you have. I love the three-drawer standing plastic bins. They have an optional wall anchor for safety, and kids can easily pull the lightweight drawers out.

You might find that this is the best way for toy storage. Even small places can have something special like a reading nook which doesn't take up much space. All you need is a small shelf or bucket for books and a bean bag for the kids to sit on. I even seen people turn their center stairs area into a reading nook or play house for kids.

64 Quart Latching Storage Box

The closet can be a great way to store extra stuff but can also turn into a mess pile if you're not careful. You can add shelves to the bottom of your child's closet to save space as well as a shoe rack on the back of the door to store extra shoes, hair accessories or even toys. Shoe racks are great for storing Barbie dolls. If you're not big on shoe organizers you can get a closet door shelf with baskets to hold extra items.

Earlier we talked about having a reading nook. The closet is another great place you can create a reading nook if you are trying to save space.

Don't forget you will need a place for dirty laundry. You can even find cute foldable laundry baskets that can be kept in the closet so that it doesn't take up a lot of space and will help keep clothes off the floor.

Children’s bedrooms should be fun and inviting and you don't have to be an expert in interior design to take a small kids' bedroom to the next level. If you have a small home, we hope you love these small bedroom ideas and they make the room feel like a fun safe space for you and your child. A small kids bedroom can be challenging but with a few good solutions you'll have something that will grow with them for a long time. We hope these Kids Bedroom Designs for Small Spaces are a great solution.

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