8 Tips for Shopping for a Memory Foam Mattress

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Wether your shopping for which memory mattress topper is the best or a memory foam mattress pad, you will want to check out these 8 Tips for Shopping for a Memory Foam Mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to staying happy and healthy, prioritizing sound sleep patterns should be an essential component of your long-term wellness plan. Far too many people overlook the health benefits of nightly rest, which allows your body to recharge, fend off disease, and improve your mental abilities. That said, it can be challenging to achieve the healthy sleep you long for if you’re lying atop a worn-down, uncomfortable mattress.

Investing in a dream-inducing sleeping surface that suits your sleep needs is essential if you’re aiming for a solid eight hours of REM-filled shut-eye. Though traditional spring mattresses are an inexpensive option, you may find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night. Instead, consider purchasing a foam model to avoid losing valuable sleep. 

If you’ve never experienced high-quality sleeping surfaces before, you may wonder, “what is a memory foam mattress, and why should I invest in one?” Foam bedding can regulate temperature, evenly distribute your weight, and reduce sleep-induced aches and pains, leaving you well-rested and revitalized each morning. 

Ready to upgrade to an ache-relieving, cloud-nine-worthy mattress? Read on for eight shopping tips to help you select the perfect memory foam mattress for your nighttime needs. 

Learn the different types 

Before heading out to your local mattress shop and picking out the first memory foam model that catches your eye, make sure you understand the different materials and their unique benefits. Not all memory mattresses are created equal, with the three types—traditional memory foam, latex foam, and gel foam—fulfilling different purposes. 

Standard memory foam is the most common, providing support and comfort by minimizing pressure and increasing circulation. Latex models, on the other hand, feature the same benefits with added allergen and microbial resistance. Lastly, gel foam increases airflow, cooling the surface area, which is perfect for sweaty sleepers. 

Figure out your sleeping style

Another way to ensure you select the proper memory mattress is figuring out your sleep style. While your snoozing preferences, i.e., sleeping on your back, side, or stomach, would seem to have minimal impact on your mattress-related decisions, each position will pair well with varying levels of firmness. For example, a medium-firm bed can help eliminate spinal aches for back sleepers, while side sleepers prefer a softer model to distribute their weight evenly.   

Memory Foam Mattress 2

Try out different densities 

Alongside firmness, you’ll want to pin down which mattress density feels most comfortable when testing out different models. If you’re new to the memory foam game, consider trying a low-density version that’s easy to adjust to and break in. Alternatively, if you’re looking to minimalize shifting disruptions when sleeping next to a partner, try out a medium-density mattress that optimizes mobile isolation for a deeper sleep

Consider a hypoallergenic pad

Though all memory foam mattresses are antimicrobial, specific designs have additional dust and allergen protectants. That way, your bedding will remain fresh and clean for years to come, and you can sleep soundly without allergy-induced sniffles keeping you awake. 

Purchase a solid mattress foundation 

Regardless of how high-quality your memory foam mattress is, you’ll need a solid foundation to support your pad and keep sections from sinking and caving in. Additionally, some setups void warranties on your mattress, leaving you without long-term protection. Consider purchasing a steal or platform foundation, and steer clear of flimsy slats that can snap and bend under pressure. 

Wrapping up

If you’ve decided to make the switch and swap out your old spring mattress for a new and improved foam pad, make sure you spend time researching different models before jumping into bed with the wrong sleeping surface. By testing various materials, selecting the proper density, and investing in a sturdy foundation, you’ll be on your way to deeper, restful sleep. 

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