This Season, Make A Global Impact With Unbound

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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Unbound.”

Learn here about Unbound–and how you can get involved! With so much going on in our world today, it may seem like helping those in need is a monumental task–you might even think it's impossible! However, you can get involved in the Unbound nonprofit and make a true difference to someone today!

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What is Unbound?

Unbound is an international nonprofit. This organization was founded by lay Catholics in 1981. Unbound works across differing religions, cultures, and nationalities. They are active in 19 countries currently! Unbound says they work to “challenge poverty.” Meaning, they work with families living in poverty and offer personalized benefits including direct cash transfers for sponsored members and the support of social workers and small community groups. More from Unbound.org-“Over the years, the organization has served more than800,000 children, students and aging adults and currently works with more than 300,000 people supported by 260,000 sponsors.


Unbound: Easy Ways to Get Involved!

This year has brought about challenges to so many of us. Even here in my hometown, we see the effects of poverty and the struggle to make ends meet. Rather than being discouraged about what's going on, we can resolve to work together to make an even bigger difference. If you're wondering how you can help, Unbound offers a few ways to get involved. Thinking about global poverty can be really overwhelming when you consider that every family needs its own plan, but each of us can help other families to create their own paths out of poverty.

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Throughout my years working in the church food pantry and volunteering at church with the music ministry, I can tell you it's very rewarding. It's my honor to be able to take part in a ministry that can provide food when it's needed the most, and hopefully raise someone's spirits when they are discouraged.

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Sponsor Children or Students:

Did you know you can sponsor an individual through Unbound? If you're interested in getting to know the person you are helping, sponsorship is a great option. For a set amount per month you can sponsor a child (or adult) one-on-one. Unbound works with the family to ensure funds go to needs like education, nutrition, housing, and more. Local Unbound staff work with the sponsored individual to make sure funds are used best.

Support for Elderly

If you have a calling for helping the elderly, you can check out how to connect to seniors in need. While many organizations offer youth sponsorships, Unbound is the only one that offers sponsorships for elderly individuals. Funds go to things such as medical care, nutrition, support groups and more.

My husband and I have recently become “empty nesters”. So for us, connecting, supporting, and just having fellowship with other adults is so important. We enjoy going to church events and even retreats with our church family.

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For seniors in developing countries with few family members and limited support systems, I believe having the added support of a sponsor is a wonderful idea, and even more important this year as so many are having to be away from friends and family due to social distancing.

Thanks for Reading!

I hope this post has been helpful in raising awareness of Unbound and the ways this organization can help you connect with those in need. Be sure to let us know on Facebook or in the comments if you decide to sign up! God Bless!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Unbound.

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