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Name a star for someone special this year! كيفيه لعب البوكر Star naming is a time-honored tradition dating back to the ancient world. It's a unique way to commemorate and celebrate loved ones, friends, and even pets. So why not give the gift of stars? Find out how!

Name a Star with Dedicated Stars

Naming a Star is a thoughtful present that will last long after the holidays, birthday or anniversary are over. Plus, it's easy to do! Just visit Dedicated Stars and pick out your favorite star naming package. They have something for everyone, so no one will feel left out.

If you've thought about naming a star after a loved one for a gift but are on the fence about it, here are a few great reasons –and occasions– to try it out.

We love the idea of naming a star for special occasions if your loved one doesn't prefer– or can't use– a tangible gift. For many people, gifts take up valuable space and end up being clutter over time. This is an easy option if you if you need a gift idea that won't take up space, or you are limited in ways to shop. You do get a certificate to display if you choose. The certificate is something that can be framed, or just filed away for access when you want to view your named star!


If you choose to Name a Star with Dedicated Stars, it will not expire or require a fee to remain in your name. The Dedicated Stars registry is a partner with Stars Database so you can feel confident your star is not being named by many other customers. You can view your star with a telescope or find it in the sky year to year, so this gift idea is something that will last a lifetime. The Dedicated Stars website also has a search option to find named stars in their database.

Ideal for Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries and More

Many of us want a meaningful gift for milestone birthdays and special occasions. A Name a Star certificate is something that they can look back up on for years to come.

For a new baby, baby's first birthday, or milestone anniversary, a named star is a unique gift idea. For couples, you can find and view your star together as the years go by. For kids and babies, a fun idea is to help them find their namesake star as they grow older and learn about the solar system and our galaxy in school!

Questions About Ordering and More:

Before you purchase, head over to Dedicated Stars and view their frequently asked questions page for basic information about ordering your named star. There are several purchase options. The options currently range from $39-$89. You will have the option to purchase a Digital Classic Package for each of the three star options.

The package includes:

  • Personalized Certificate (pdf)
  • Official & Searchable Registration
  • Dedicated Star Guide (pdf)
  • Universe Infographic Elements (pdf)
  • Planetarium Platform
  • Mobile & Desktop Wallpapers

Give the gift of stars this year! (And don't forget to name one for yourself – we all need cheering up sometimes!)

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