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Easy Messy Bun for Long Hair

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Looking for an easy way to style your long hair? Cute messy buns are a great option that doesn't require a lot of time or effort. Plus, it's perfect for hot summer days when you want to keep your hair out of your face, especially if you want to chill in the pool on those lazy summer days. I like a high bun but you can do a low messy bun if you prefer. Check out this Easy Messy Bun for long hair tutorial with Beauty Brands Hairspray! It's a quick and easy hairstyle for on the go.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Beauty Brands. All opinions expressed are my own.

Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

Super Easy Messy Bun Tutorial:

Summer is around the corner, and if you have long hair like I do you are probably in the habit of tossing it into a bun. One of the more challenging things about summer hair can be achieving a low effort – yet cute- messy bun! See how I throw my hair into a perfect messy bun, and try it for yourself!

Dry shampoo

I am outside in this pic since we happen to be camping! Which just goes to show, this messy bun hairstyle is extremely low effort and can be done anywhere! LOL! I have longer, fine hair so the first thing I want to do is give it a little texture. Turning my head upside down, I fluff my hair and give it a gentle finger comb. Then just spray well with Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo, find a product suited to your hair type.

The dry shampoo is not really a step you want to skip with finer hair, since you want that texture to keep your bun from looking limp and flat, once it's done, you really want that extra volume. 

gather hair

First Steps:

Next, I gather all my hair in one hand, not super tight against my head but close enough that the gathered hair can be put into a ponytail easily. The dry shampoo gives it some grip, which helps a lot.

pull hair through

After I stand up and while keeping my hair gathered in one hand, I pull all my hair through a thin hair elastic once.

Pull hair through twice half through

Then pull through a second time bringing only half of the hair through the band. As you can see my ends are layered, so I don't want to bring any of those through the band. Stop short of where your shortest ends are.

Tuck In Hair

Next, tuck in the ends back into the band. I like to bring mine to the side and tuck, since the ends are fairly thin. For thicker hair, you may have to add hair pins in back to keep those layers hidden and wrapped up in the band. Your messy bun may be extra tall at this point, which is OK. We aren't quite done.

Fan out Bun

This final step is what makes this Easy Messy Bun Tutorial hairstyle cute! Take the ends of the bun from the front and fan it out, bringing the sides down and in front, toward the front of your head. As long as you are able to make a pulled through bun, you should have enough length in your hair to do this step. I've noticed when my hair is longer it just makes the messy bun bigger.

Pull Bun In front and Clip , Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

Easy Messy Bun Tutorial – Finishing It Up:

I pinch both sides of the bun together directly in front, and then you want to kind of pinch them down toward the top of your head at the same time. Then secure together with a bobby pin. For thicker hair, I recommend larger pins, or 2-3 to secure the bun well. If you have a few flyways or baby hairs, secure with a separate bobby pin against the front of the bun.

Use hairspray to set ,Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

Finally, I used the Big Healthy Hair So Touchable Hair Spray to set my hairstyle. I like this brand since it doesn't make my hair super hard, as some hairsprays can do!

Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

Last, just finish this Easy Messy Bun Tutorial with a cute hair tie, scrunchy, or even a small scarf. I like a fluffy hair tie since it hides any bobby pins which can edge their way out over the course of the day. Even for camping, this is a fun style that will stay put and keep your hair off the nape of the neck! I hope you have fun trying this style out! My favorite are the scrunchies with tails.

The best part about a classic messy bun is you can do a casual look or even style it for formal events. There are so many different messy bun styles. If you have short hair you may also want to search for a Youtube video for short hair styles, there are so many videos that provide step by step tutorials. You can do a really classic look with a not messy bun, that's also very sleek and great for special occasions. For a sleek bun with fine or thin hair I also like using a hair bun donut for some extra poof (I got mine on Amazon). Another great option is a high ponytail or even a low ponytail, just make them nice and smooth.

I do think a messy hair bun is the perfectly simple hairstyle for those bad hair days or between shampoo days since you use the dry shampoo for this style. Make sure you have a good elastic band that is just right for your hair's thickness because a loose bun may come undone too easily. A messy top knot is another great option for longer hair, it is great for casual outings and running errands. Checkout Pinterest for more messy bun ideas, with a little bit of practice you can master the art of second-day hair and using a good texturizing spray. My easy messy bun for long hair is a great way to do your hair and have that effortless style you have been looking for.

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