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Planting a pet safe garden is a key step that you need to consider to keep your fur babies safe. You may think that there is nothing out there that could possibly hurt them. That is not the case. There are many things found in a basic garden or flower bed that can make an animal sick. Some things can even kill your pet even if you do get them to a vet quickly.

chloe in garden - pet safe garden
  1. Plants-It may surprise you the plants and flowers that are toxic to your pet. The Humane Society states that there are over seven hundred species that can be harmful, or fatal, to your animal. Onions and garlic, for instance, can cause digestive issues. So can lilies, tulips, and irises. You can find a complete list on the ASPCA website, or a quick online search will give you breakdowns of hazardous plants and vegetables.
  2.  Fencing-If your pet is well behaved and understands boundaries, you may get away with having a small fence around your gardens. For more curious animals, or ones that simply do as they please, you may need a six-foot fence, or higher. Cats and dogs are particularly good jumpers and can get over a small fence with ease. The best option for you would be to build a greenhouse for your plants. 
  3. Toxic Chemicals-Fertilizers and insecticides are commonly used in gardens. They help plants grow faster, and better, while keeping the bugs away. These chemicals are not safe for your pet. Many have ingredients that could kill your fur baby within a short time. There are natural products that you can use instead, or you can make some homemade sprays that are safe. Just make sure that whichever ingredients you decide to use, double check to make sure that they are pet friendly. 
Chloe in the garden

We need to stop here for one second to discuss what happens if your pet does get into plants or chemicals that could be harmful to them. Take them to the vet immediately if they start showing signs of poisoning. If you cannot afford vet visits, then you need to check into pet insurance Australia policies. You should never have to watch your fur baby get sick, and possibly die, just because you cannot afford to take them in.

  1. Compost-Compost is a part of gardening for some people. Without it, you may choose not to plant anything. Compost is toxic to your animal, so it is best to avoid using it. However, if it is necessary for you, make sure you bury it into the soil. Make sure none of it is easily accessible, and if you have any unused amounts secure it in such a way as to ensure that your animal cannot get to it. 
  2. Slugs and Snails-It may be surprising, but these critters can cause toxicity within your animal if they are ingested. Do whatever you can to keep them out of your garden if your solution does not cause other hazards for your pet.
  3. Sturdy Plants-In the end, dogs will be dogs. Cats will be cats. There are many plants and flowers that you can have around your home that are safe for your animal, and that they cannot destroy when they run into them. Sturdy plants will eliminate broken stalks and smashed flowers.

When planting gardens or flowers it is important to think ahead when planning what to put where. There are so many things that can injure your fur babies that you need to take the time to make the area safe for them, while still adding your own flare to the landscape. That is why planting a pet safe garden is so important.

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