Aquire a Love for Brazillan Cuisine at Fogo De Chao Las Vegas!

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Fogo De Chao Las vegas

“Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Fogo De Chao Las Vegas. I have been compensated for my review and post however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

We recently had the opportunity to dine at Fogo De Chao Las Vegas, and I am so excited to share our dining experience with you, my readers!  If you have not had the chance to try Brazilian cuisine, this post is for you!  As you can see from this first photo, Brazilian dining at it’s best involves meat cut to your order, right at your table.

There’s something entirely different about the dining experience here, from the amazing portions of perfectly cooked beef and poultry to the unique waitstaff service. Of course, any time your server is slicing the main course right at your table, there’s plenty of topic for conversation! Our entire table enjoyed watching the skilled servers and discussing the different cuts of meat available.

Another fun thing is they have red and green coasters at your table. Just flip them to green when you are ready to be served meat and then when you need to take a break you switch it to red. This let’s the wait-staff no when you are ready for more!

Fogo De Chao Las Vegas

The food at Fogo De Chao is nothing ordinary!  I think from the point of view from someone new to a Brazillian steakhouse, it’s the presentation of the steaks and other meats that you will mainly notice.  Have an idea of the cut of steak you prefer, and if you like your steak rare, medium or well done.   This steak cut pictured is cooked to perfection, in my opinion, but I know of some who would say this is way too done! lol!

Keep in mind that like any restaurant where they have slow cooked meats, it’s important to dine at a busier time of day.  I would not want to dine close to closing time or at a slower time of day, since the meat cuts may not be at their absolute best.  Also, be aware of reservation policies where you dine, since the steakhouse may require reservations for this reason!

Fogo De Chao does have a HUGE salad bar, so it can be easy to want to fill up on that.  Just remember to save room for the portions of meat!  The salad bar is a great option if you have a vegetarian dining also, or someone who isn’t a big fan of steak.  Everyone can still enjoy the atmosphere but not feel left out for dietary reasons!

FoGo De Chao Dessert

If you can possibly fit in a dessert at the end of this meal, go for it! I can recommend either of these two amazing desserts.  Of course anything known as molten cake on the menu will have my attention, but this is hard to beat.  We also enjoyed this sky high slice of raspberry cheesecake with cream and a fresh raspberry sauce.

FOGO De Chao Cheesecake

If you can take away anything from this post, be sure to remember to know about your steak preferences and the reservation requirements where you’re dining.  Take a few friends or another couple to enjoy some relaxation and dinner conversation.  And don’t forget dessert!


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