Chevy Girls: Proud New Owner of a Chevy Traverse

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Chevy Girls: Proud New Owner of a Chevy Traverse from Melissa Garcia on Vimeo.

Yesterday we became the proud new owners of a 2011 Chevy Traverse. Sunday we walked up and down the mile of cars  trying to figure out what to buy. Looking at all the features and how much room each vehicle had. For the price we just kept coming back to the traverse.

What I Like:

  • Blue Tooth capability
  • XM Radio
  • On Star
  • Leather Seats/Heated
  • 3rd Row Seats & how much room it has
  • Kids can control their own air in the back as well as their own music with headphones. (no more I'm too cold or I'm too hot)

Changes I'd like to see:

  • I don't like the cup holders in the side of the door. If you have little ones, drinks will slosh when you close the doors. I'd rather have cup holders in the middle or on the sides of the seats.
  • There is no room to hang a handicapped hanger on the rearview mirror because of the way it's made. (that's important)
  • I'd love to see a small cutout on the passenger side for the bluetooth phone cord to come out so that it could still be in use by the passenger but still be plugged in.
  • I wish it had a little more cargo space but what we have is fine.
  • Also in the 4 weeks we have driven the car we've gotten 2 sales calls in the car through the On Star phone (not from On Star itself.) We thought this was weird and quite annoying.

With these changes it would be the ultimate dream car! We are drawing to a close with this program and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

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