Do You Have Unclaimed Money? Check ClaimDog!

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I started years ago because I had a passion for helping people save money on groceries by couponing.  Since then the website has grown to include many different areas of life like: recipes, diy projects, online specials, etc.  Well today I want to continue that passion by introducing you to ClaimDog.

ClaimDog started when the CEO found unclaimed money for his brother and parents.  He went through all his Facebook friends and discovered that approximately 1 in 7 had unclaimed money under their name.  That's when he decided to do some more research and found out about the commonly reported sum of $42 million in unclaimed money in the U.S.  After looking into every state’s unclaimed money program he realized the sum is actually over $60 billion.  He thought, if it’s this common and awareness is the main reason people don’t get their money, it’s certainly worth spreading this to more people.  ClaimDog's mission is to help people get their hard-earned money back.  And their  team is built from top engineering and product backgrounds at companies like Pinterest and Google with years of experience.

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So this is how I came to hear about ClaimDog.  After searching it out myself I found under $100 for myself and also found over $100.00 in unclaimed money for my mother-in-law!  As you can imagine, she was very happy to find that out!  Who couldn't use extra money??  The crazy thing is that I had searched other money finding websites and nothing ever came up! I am serious folks this is no joke, I actually found money!


The difference between ClaimDog and the other unclaimed property sites is that they cover the most unclaimed property nationally.  An example of ClaimDog's success is California.  They launched just a little over a month ago and have already found over $25,000 for people!  Several of the missing money site don't even cover all of the states and then, of course, there are websites that don't look very safe or secure.

To begin your search for unclaimed property simply click HERE to find your state and then enter your info.  If you find anything under your name then claim it!  There are so many reasons you could have unclaimed money that you would never think about–a pension, a dividend, an inheritance, a rebate, or an unclaimed check.  If you don't find something for yourself then maybe you'll find something for a family member or friend!

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