Eureka Brushroll Clean Vacuum Review

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Eureka BrushRoll Clean

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Eureka and I was compensated for my time in creating this post. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tangled brushroll

Living in a house with a teenage daughter, a teenage son and 3 dogs we know a thing or two about hair and it's effect on vacuums.  Especially the way it likes to wrap around the brush roll and make it almost impossible to get off.  Well, Eureka feels your pain and now has a vacuum cleaner that will make your life a little less “hairy”. I can't tell you how many hair rubber bands I found wrapped around the brush because I didn't see them on the floor. I love the fact that I can transition from hardwood floors to carpet with no issues.

Eureka Brushroll

The Eureka Brushroll Clean has a self-cleaning brushroll, so you never have to use scissors to cut tangled hair away from the brushroll again.  This feature is great for anyone who has long hair, children with long hair or pets.  According to global cleaning research, having to clean the vacuum’s brushroll is a major pain. More than 40 percent of Americans claim they find cleaning the brushroll irritating, with nearly one in 10 Americans citing a tangled brushroll as their biggest issue with vacuuming.  With Eureka Brushroll Clean, it is as simple as pressing a pedal for 10-15 seconds while the vacuum is running and tangles are removed and deposited directly into the dust cup for a clean, like-new brushroll.

Eureka Automatic Cord Rewind

One of my favorite parts of the vacuum believe it or not is the automatic cord rewind for quick and easy storage. It just makes storing the vacuum that much easier. I hated always having to wind my cord and trying to get it to fit just right.

Not only is Eureka making life easier, it is also making it cleaner.  They engineered it with an efficient air path with limited bends and turns,the vacuum’s AirSpeed Technology allows more air to pass through the vacuum for powerful suction and a deep carpet clean.  It also worked great on our hardwood floors.  Plus with the push of a button I was able turn off the brushroll to prevent it from scattering crumbs when I was cleaning my hardwood floors. “Independent testing confirms its proven power cleans carpets better than other leading brands

Eureka Brushroll Collage

It also comes with a variety of attachments and a flexible hose that will allow you get to those hard to reach places.  Baseboards, cushions and that pesky area behind the TV can be cleaned without having to move that heavy TV or having to hurt your back bending over to get the baseboards clean.  I always have a hard time getting the attachments on and off to store them on vacuum cleaners, but as I played with these I found them very easy to take on and off. The Eureka Brushroll Clean is also easy to empty.  It has several settings to match your style of carpet, so you get the best results.

The only thing that I didn't LOVE was that the wheels aren't as easy to turn as my current vacuum that I had been using but honestly that was my only complaint. Compared to everything else I loved about the vacuum it wasn't a big issue.

The Eureka BrushRoll Vacuum is available exclusively at WalMart.

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