10 Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Kids to Do at Home

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Here are 10 Ways Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Kids to do at home!

10 Sidewalk chalk ideas for kids to do at home.

10 Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas

Sidewalk chalk is a fun outdoor activity for just about any time of year. Unless it's raining or snowing, our neighborhood kids at some point are outside.

Every spring we end up with sidewalk chalk. They are $1-$5 and are some of messiest things that your kids beg for.  Not only should you let them have it, but here's how to help them make the most of it!

I can remember the brilliant Summer heat is blazing down and the children are loving every second of it! “Momma, can we play outside, PLEASE?!?  Oh, how every mother knows those words are coming! It's easier to say yes when your little ones aren't running back inside saying, “I'm bored. What do I do?” As if the woman standing behind the sink full of dirty dishes is the perfect source for information for all things fun?

Sidewalk Chalk Ideas are so much fun and spark creativity in your child and now you can even find sidewalk chalk at the dollar store! This is come thing that is cheap for parents to stock up on that will create hours of fun.

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Sidewalk Chalk Ideas – Games:

sidewalk chalk ideas

2D Obstacle Course– This is no ordinary game of hopscotch! You can tailor this to your kiddo's favorite sounds and actions!

During closures in 2020, our Consumer Queen team members loved this activity for the kids. It actually became a neighborhood favorite! You can make this 2D obstacle course as long or short as you prefer. Add jumps, twirls, Dino stomps, bunny hops and more to make it fun.

sidewalk chalk ideas

Water Balloon Bullseye– This twist on the time honored game of darts is amazing. Take aim with your water balloons and get ready to beat the heat this summer!

Don't you love those warm spring or fall days the kids are begging to get out the sprinkler or water balloons– but it's not quite warm enough for all the water activities? This water balloon bullseye is a great way to use up water balloons or let the kids cool off with an occasional splash from a water balloon- without the full water balloon mess.

Learn to Read Sight Words Combine learning with movement for an amazing combination that helps your children love learning!

You can draw sight words with chalk with or without this matching game. However, this second step adds a little challenge and can also keep your preschooler or kindergartener busy for longer. Have them start on one side and put down matching cards when they read the chalk words. You can also use this concept for any other learning activity, such as counting, number recognition and more!

via LearnPlayImagine.com

Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe Don't underestimate the appeal of a simple game with endless move possibilities! Even if you don't have bean bags handy, try using something small and easy to throw like a sock with rice or beans inside, or a hacky sack.

Sidewalk Chalk Ideas- Unique Paint!

sidewalk chalk ideas

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint– This is technically not chalk, but it's so much fun we think it just makes it extra worthy of being included in today's list!

This comes together with WASHABLE school glue, flour, shaving foam, and food coloring. See this easily removed fun project at link above!

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint– Liquid Chalk! How cool is that! This DIY is also food coloring based so you don't have to worry about testing it out before you send the kids outside for lots of fresh air and fun.

We recommend using these plastic squirt bottles so you don't spend time searching for a usable container around the kitchen. And, they can be disposed of afterwards (or after a few uses).

sidewalk chalk rocks

DIY Glow in the Dark Chalk– Adding glow in the dark chalk to your regular sidewalk chalk can really take your art to the next level! You could buy premade glow in the dark chalk, or make your own.

Keep in mind it does take some mixing and fluorescent paint to make your own. So be sure to test out on a small area of sidewalk that isn't visible before you let the kids take over the entire driveway. 🙂

Giant Chalk Art Town– It doesn't take an artist to create this fun and colorful village that everyone just has to drive through!

You will need a large chalk box with multiple colors to create details like water, trees, and houses. We love this idea for smaller kids– or anyone who loves small cars like Hot Wheels!

sidewalk chalk rocks

Spray Chalk– Use a giant stencil, and leave a giant surprise for your favorite person or a total stranger! How fun is this! OOh! Does this come in glow in the dark?

We would recommend you try this fun Spray Chalk out on a private property– such as your own driveway or sidewalk– so you don't run into any unhappy people. The spray cans do look like spray paint, so be sure you have permission for where you use it. And yes, it's chalk so it should be clean with the hose or a rainstorm.

DIY Photo Background– Oh. The. Possabilities….

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