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We've all heard of those big shopping days like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. But have you heard of Giving Tuesday?  This Tuesday, November 27, is  traditionally the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It's a time we can be mindful of giving to others and of course including acts of charity, and random acts of kindness.  See my post below for some Giving Tuesday inspiration, and how T-Mobile is doing Giving Tuesday in a big way.

How we do Giving Tuesday:

Through the years it's always been important to me as a mom to instill with my family the importance of giving to others.  It's so exciting to see the kids take on their own ways of helping others as they've gotten older! So just a word of encouragement to moms and dads with kids who are still small, stick with it!

As a family who has always done coupons and looked for frugal deals, giving food to those in need was a natural thing for us.  There are so many people right here in our home town without food (especially healthy foods)!  You don't have to go far to see people in need.  For me, Giving Tuesday has always centered back around helping people with food and basic needs.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are a big time of donating food baskets at our church. I can always find deals on pantry staples (mashed potatoes, pastas, and grains like oats).  For someone who has a hard time budgeting for food, pantry staples are sometimes difficult to afford!

Donating sides and of course shelf stable pantry items is a favorite way to give to others, for me.  I also enjoy picking out personal health, beauty and hygiene items to donate during the holidays.  That frees up families to save a few dollars here and there for gasoline and of course Christmas gifts!

Another way my family is able to give back is through our church food bank. It's a family effort! If you don't yet have any family giving traditions, I would encourage you to seek out something through your local church (or even a friend's church, many have food or clothing closets), or of course the Regional Food Bank (Oklahoma) and Salvation Army.  Give the kids spare change to share in the red buckets this year! It's so exciting to see kids excited about giving to others.

T-Mobile and Giving Tuesday:

This year, T-Mobile is supporting Giving Tuesday with (five) Benevity Gift Code prizes.  Each winner on the Twitter party can choose a charity of choice to which they can send a $100 gift card! Even better, they are allowing T-Mobile Customers to give through the T-Mobile Tuesday App!  Follow T-Mobile here.

Each week I share a T-Mobile Tuesday Freebies post, where T-Mobile customers can download great gift cards, promo codes and more.  This Tuesday, November 27th, log into your app and every customer can give 10 meals (free to customers!) to Feeding America.  Customers will also get the chance to win additional cash up to $25, $100 or even $500 to donate to your favorite charity. For employees on Giving Tuesday, TMobile will deposit $27 in every TMobile employees Giving Account which they can donate to any charity of their choice.

Not a T-Mobile Tuesday App user or T-Mobile employee? That's OK! Using Twitter, every time anyone tweets with the #GivingOnUs hashtag, T-Mobile will give 10 meals to Feeding America.  So between Twitter and the T-Mobile Tuesday app promos, T-Mobile will be giving up to 10 million meals. That's up to $1 million which will be donated to Feeding America!

How are you doing Giving Tuesday? Leave a blog post comment or on Facebook! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve always like the T-Mobile app for T-Mobile Tuesday deals. It’s nice to see that T-Mobile is taking it a step further and helping those in need with the app 🙂

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