World Vision: Pray For Syria

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I am excited to announce that i am now a World Vision blogger and to be writing a post and sharing new news from World Vision about their current work helping children and families in Syria. See how you can pray and give to this effort.

World Vision: Pray For Syria

If you aren't yet familiar with World Vision, you can find out more here. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization. They reach out into poverty stricken countries to provide assistance including food and educational support. 

Via World Vision

They allow those who can help to give and get involved in several different ways. If you have a burden for helping others, especially families living in some of the most difficult circumstances, scroll below for more details.

About the Syrian Refugee Crisis

A Syrian refugee boy walks on the hillside that overlooks an informal tented settlement. Lebanon has approximately 3,000 informal settlements in the country. Via World Vision

The people of Syria need our prayers. More details can be found here at World Vision. Just to summarize, the current Syrian conflict has been going on since 2011. Conflicts have displaced hundreds of thousands of families, just this year alone.

Sadly with displacements, refugee families have lost homes and access to food, healthcare and live in extreme poverty. Many live in temporary settlements and tents. (Source: World Vision, 2019)

World Vision is in a monumental effort to provide humanitarian aid to these displaced populations.

Via World Vision

Why World Missions and Humanitarian Efforts are Important to Me

Personally, I know it can be easy for us to get focused on ourselves. For myself, with a comfortable life and all the modern conveniences where we live, I can tend to get wrapped up in my daily routine and end up focusing on myself all the time.

Then I don't stop to think how there are so many others around the world with barely enough food and clean water to survive. Just in our day to day life of work, and with family responsibilities and church volunteering, our focus can be narrowed over time.

If we take the time to pray for others around the world, we don't lose focus on their needs. As a Christian, I feel like this is a very important thing to do! Keep others in focus! I also believe God answers prayer. I was able to sponsor a little girl from Armenia several years ago and I plan on sponsoring another child soon.

More From World Vision: How You Can Pray

Even if you aren't able to help monetarily with relief efforts, you can always pray! There are so many needs! Even if you would pray once each day for a week for Syria, God hears our prayers and can use organizations like World Vision to help.

Here are 7 specific needs from World Vision we put together, so you can pray over one each day for a week.

  • Pray families would have food and clean water.
  • Pray for protection over children: with little or no healthcare, small children are at risk of diseases that are easily avoidable with immunizations.
  • Pray for Hope: As time goes on, many Syrians are losing hope for the future and for their children.
  • Pray for education for children: many schools have been destroyed and families living in tents and other refugee areas have no access to schools
  • Pray for peace in this war-torn country.
  • Pray for Christians in this area of the world, and that more would be reached with the good news of Jesus' love.
  • Pray that more people would focus on the needs of others and be willing to pray and help.
Via World Vision

If you would like more information, head over here to World Vision FAQs on the Refugee crisis in Syria.

Thank you for reading!

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