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My Trademore Phone: A Great Option for Family Cell Phone Purchases!

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See why My Trademore Phone Pre-Owned Smart Phones can be a great option for your family!
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What is Trademore?

I am excited to share with you my experience with Trademore and why it is a great fit for my family.  As many of you know, I have older children who are leaving the house to pursue college and careers.  I want them to have reliable cell phones and service!

It's not really optional any more, as they need them for school, jobs, and of course for safety and to keep in touch with family.  We looked in to #MyTrademorePhone for our son, who recently graduated high school and will be moving out soon.

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If your child needs a phone (and is asking for the latest and greatest phone!), this post is for you!

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We also looked into Trademore since my son recently broke his phone.  A lot of us have been there.  A broken phone is SO bad, since they are just so expensive to replace.  Trademore helped us save money on his replacement phone.

With Trademore you can trade in a used phone to help save money for your new phone… so you don't have to compromise on the model, and deal with an outdated phone for years to come!

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How Can You Save Money With Trademore?

Trademore can give competitive offers for pre-owned smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices like smart watches, and you can sell your own pre-owned phone to them to save even more money.   I've attached a few screen shots below of the Sell or Trade In process. First, you click “Sell A Device” at the top of the screen. You will select your phone type. Then, choose your carrier and the model.

The quote is quick and easy! No haggling on the phone or waiting days for an email.  Trademore locks in their offer for 30 days.

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After you accept your quote, Trademore sends you your packaging with pre-paid postage to send your phone in.  All the instructions are included, so if you're like me and worry about sending things in the mail, don't fret!

Buying a Phone with Trademore:

With Trademore,you will purchase a Pre-Owned mobile phone.  They do have a large variety and competitive prices.  I was glad to hear their devices go through an inspection (30-points for quality, reliability and function).  They have to receive a 100% score on the inspection before that phone is available for purchase.

So, I wasn't worried about getting a phone in the mail and it not turning on or not activating!  My son is happy with his phone, and this route was much cheaper than if we had gotten him a brand new one  outright.

Trademore sends phones via FREE 2-day shipping, and has a 30 day money back guarantee with free returns. So if something unexpected did come up- and that's life- you are able to send the new phone back.  This was a good piece of mind for me too!

trademore purple phone turned on

Trademore was a win for both of us! I hope that if you opt to trade in or buy a phone from Trademore, your process is as great as ours! Be sure to see my screen shots below on how you can get your quote for your old phone and shop for a new one.  It's simple and best of all, it can be done all online!

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Trade in a Phone Process:

TradeMore Trade Your Phone

  1. Select “Sell a Device” and choose your phone or device.

TradeMore Trade Choose Phone

2. Select your carrier, the capacity and color/model.

Trade in Offer

3. Receive your locked-in quote.

Trademore Ship It

4. Place order and create an account to review and submit your order, and log back in later.

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