Vote For Jenga To Win Toy Of The Year!

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I have great memories of playing Jenga with family and friends when I was a kid and now I get to build new memories with my family!  Now that our weather has finally gotten cool (YAY!!) I'm looking forward to evenings by the fireplace playing Jenga with my husband and kids, bowls of popcorn, and lots of laughs!

Did you know that Jenga has been nominated for the National Toy Hall of Fame and that it's beating out Twister, BattleShip and American Girl Doll?!?  I just found this out and was so excited that I can be a part of voting for my favorite game!  Jenga is nearly 30 years old and what better way to celebrate than to be voted as 2015 Toy and Game of the Year?  And if Jenga wins, it will be inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame!  Jenga doesn't win any special prizes, just the ability to look back at all the years of fun that Jenga has helped create.

And if you haven't tried Jenga Giant, be sure to check it out HERE!  It's just like classic Jenga but the spills and crashes are even bigger!  What a fun way to get all your friends and family involved in one giant game!

Jenga giant comparison with classic

If you've got great memories of playing Jenga, I'd like to encourage you to go HERE to submit your vote!  Voting ends November 4th and you can vote once a day!

toy hall of fame

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